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dab: data driven services GmbH - Your Partner for SAP Data Analytics as a Service

With the realignment of our subsidiary, we offer companies using SAP a comprehensive all-round service for data analytics. In July 2023, dab:Mittelstand GmbH was renamed dab: data driven services GmbH, accompanied by a new business philosophy.

dab: data driven services GmbH - Your Partner for SAP Data Analytics as a Service

Why the realignment? 

This expansion of our services is based on our experience at the parent company, dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH, where we often observe that companies are still at the beginning of their data analytics capabilities. The awareness of the relevance of data analytics is present, the desire for data-driven decisions exists, but often the resources and internal processes are lacking to build up the necessary expertise. Outsourced data analytics as a service is here the best solution to evaluate company data effectively and promptly. 

Considering this need, it was only logical to adapt our business model to the increasing demand for "data analytics as a service". Through the close connection to dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH, customers of the subsidiary benefit from direct access to innovative analytics software without having to set up and license their own data analytics environment. 

>> By focusing on data analytics as a service in a separate company, we achieve an even more intensive practical proximity to the differently lived corporate processes and can thus offer our customers even better solutions in the future. <<

What includes the new service?    

Our new service allows companies of all sizes, working with SAP solutions, to outsource their data analytics to dab: data driven services GmbH on a project basis. This service extends beyond internal auditing and covers potential data-driven optimizations in various business units. We offer a wide range of value-added analytics and actively support our customers in interpreting the results and making decisions for follow-up measures. This offers an ideal start into the world of SAP data analytics, especially for companies with limited previous experience in this field.

>> Our customers receive directly productively usable results and benefit from almost 20 years of experience, which is shared with customers in the form of consulting and workshops.  <<


In a nutshell: dab: data driven services GmbH

„Data analytics as a service" for companies with SAP
Analytics for all business units
Risk-oriented consulting for the selection of analytics
Preparation and interpretation of the results
Knowhow transfer 


Customer experience: Everything around data analytics from a single source 

But the realignment has another benefit for customers. The preparation and interpretation of results supported by dab: data driven services GmbH leads to a structured build-up of know-how at the customer's end. The customer can then order further services or use the knowledge gained to build up its own experts and move on to independent software use. 

In the era of digitization and data-driven economies, data analytics is essential, either conducted internally or through external services. 

>> For this reason, we are now offering software and services specifically via our two companies - for comprehensive coverage of customer requirements relating to SAP data analytics. <<

If you have any questions or are interested in a cooperation, please contact info@dab-dds.de

Or contact me personally. 
Anton Grening, anton.grening@dab-dds.de

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