Don´t waste any more time on data preparation: The pioneer in data extraction for analytics combines ease of use with the ability to systematically extract large data volumes.

End of Sales of the dab:Exporter on 31.07.2022!
From this date on, dab:neXus will replace dab:Exporter as the product for data extraction from SAP. We have further enhanced the extraction technology of dab:Exporter, which has proven successful for more than 20 years, in terms of usability and functionality and fully integrated it into the successor product dab:neXus.

dab:Exporter – An overview

To analyse company data you need – data. dab:Exporter helps you access them. It extracts tables from SAP® systems for you and automatically converts them into different data analytics formats. Examples include Microsoft SQL Server™ or CSV. An important feature is the ability to reliably download even very complex SAP® tables such as the BKPF/BSEG general ledger. Other important features include data privacy, data economy and good usability. 


Extract large data volumes easily and securely

No need to be afraid of big Data. With the dab:Exporter you can easily export data for analytic purposes. Dataprotection and datasecurity are immanent in this concept.

data extraction

Many ways lead to your analytic results. Many of our customers use analytic software from Diligent. But we also support other important target formats.

We are specalized in data extraction from SAP® systems. We support SAP starting with SAP® 4.6 up to the latest S/4HANA cloud solution.

SAP® R/3 4.6

SAP® R/3 4.7




The short route to your data

Data extraction doesn´t have to be complicated. You need just a few steps to extract the data you need for your analytics. An wizard leads you through the process.

SAP® Tables

1. Select SAP® System

You can extract data from one system or from several systems in parallel.

2. Select data packages

You don't need to be a technical expert to find the right data; you can select from predefined packages. (Licensing necessary)

3. Set filters where required

Perhaps you don't need all the data, just those relating to a specific period or certain organisational units? You can freely determine what you need.

4. Select the right format

Do you use Galvanize as your analytics tool, or do you prefer Microsoft SQL Server™? The decision is yours.

5. Start the download, lean back and relax

dab:Exporter now acquires the data and converts them into the right format for you.

User requirements vary greatly.And rightly so. ACL™ Robotics Enterprise allows users to decide how they want the data made available to them.



Large companies – large data volumes. For in-depth analyses you need to access large pools of data, such as the CDHDR/CDPOS change tables. This is no problem with dab:Exporter.

Export data

Data privacy and security

They´re your data. We help you protect them. External and internal requirements for data extraction and data analytics are rightly high.

data security

SAP® certification

The ERP Connect interface from Theobald Software, which dab:Exporter uses to communicate with the SAP® system, is officially certified by SAP®.


The Privacy Protection add-on module enables personal data from SAP® to be pseudonymised or anonymised where required (for example within the framework of section 32 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)).

Authorisation concept

The SAP® authorisation concept is fully supported. With dab:Exporter, too, only licensed users with corresponding user rights can gain access.

Central data extraction

instead of redundantly distributing the data on external hard drives, you export them centrally to a server environment. 


We have been using dab:Exporter to extract data at major multinational groups. In doing so, we have supported developments in the SAP® environment, starting with SAP® 4.5 to current S/4HANA cloud installations. We ensure you are well equipped for the future in matters of data extraction and data analytics.


What else?

We don´t want to bother you with technical details. But we have been improving our product for around 20 years and have implemented a whole range of cool functionalities along the way.

Data Analytics and Data Management


We are the perfect contact partner for data extraction from SAP® – and have been for around 20 years. Please contact us for further information, a web demo or a personal meeting. We will get back to you immediately.


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