Traditional consulting on-site by data analytics specialists. We apply our long-standing expertise to ensure your data analytics projects succeed.


Traditional data analytics consulting has many facets. For us, this ranges from operational support through to management-level consulting. We support you wherever you need assistance. We provide you with specialist data analytics project managers or advisors with a wealth of experience and profiles tailored to your needs. But it’s not only our sound expert knowledge that sets us apart: we communicate precisely and in a friendly and understandable way, we work cooperatively and integrate perfectly within existing teams.


Strategic consulting

Do you want to establish structured data analytics within your company? Data analytics involves more than simply purchasing software! Draw on our long-standing experience: We know what you need to look out for, which strategic pitfalls may await you and which factors are crucial for success.

Help during data extraction

Are you having difficulties accessing your SAP® data? We will use our dab:Exporter tool to extract all magnitudes of data from your SAP® system. This is not only important for data analytics or auditing, but also for migrations.

Data analysis structured
Data analysis exploratory

Development of analyses

If you require analyses or KPI/KRI calculations which are not yet included in our portfolio, we can develop them. We will discuss your needs with you and implement these including user-based documentation. Although we specialise in Galvanize products, our expertise is not limited to this as our portfolio also includes SQL.

Cash recovery / dual payment analysis

Our advisors analyse your accounting data for potential monetary losses. They focus on double payments to vendors, and also credits paid to customers, lost cash discounts or framework contracts. If required, we can also assist you in viewing the original documents.

Special investigations

Sometimes, critical issues need to be specifically investigated (for example where fraud is suspected) – and we know which indicators are offered by the systems for such cases. We will check if the suspicious cases can be tracked (and therefore confirmed) through traces in your ERP system on the basis of accounting transactions, master data changes or material movements. Naturally, we will provide you with transparent documentation of the procedure.

data analysis multivariat

How can we help you?

Consultancy and project support is always an individual matter. If the above examples are of interest to you or if you require support in similar or different areas, please contact us. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you and prepare a custom quote for you.