Data Science

Our modern world is becoming smarter and artificial intelligence is encountered in many areas of our daily lives. We apply this technology to data analytics by using machine learning - a sub-field of artificial intelligence. This makes our analytics even smarter and allows us to fully exploit the potential of your SAP® data.

Our KI analytics in overview

We use AI for various questions and use cases. Whether anomaly detection, classification or predictive analytics, we create significant added value by applying this key technology to your data.

Identify complex anomalie in your data

May we introduce? DEAN. Our specially developed AI assistant independently detects anomalies in large tables. With rule-based analytics, you only find the cases that follow certain rules. dab:DEAN, instead, searches for and detects anomalies that were not known in advance and therefore could not be defined.

KI-Assistent DEAN

Good data quality can be so simple

70% less false positives - we achieve this with the use of artificial intelligence. The classification of found duplicate payments into true positives and false positives, or the detection of monkey typing in master data, sometimes requires complex machine learning procedures. Classification with rule-based algorithms often fails because not every single case can be captured. For this reason, we use reliable and proven learning methods for such problems.

Doppelzahlungsanalyse mit KI

Rule-based and AI-powered analytics

By combining rule-based and AI-powered analytics, we create a coherent overall portfolio and offer you the best of both worlds. For each question, we use the method that delivers the greatest added value. Learn more about our portfolio of around 300 predefined analytics.

Regelbasierte und KI-Analysen

Our goal

The best analytics and the smartest algorithms are worthless if the results cannot be processed or interpreted. For this reason, we use AI specifically where it creates value. By integrating AI analytics into our existing software products, all algorithms can be executed comfortably and without additional effort. You can concentrate completely on the results. We take care of the rest.


We would like to show you in detail how you can use data science and AI to break new ground in data analytic. For more information or a personal meeting please feel free to contact us. We will contact you shortly!