“Content is key” to ensuring you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time when performing analytics. dab:AnalyticSuite is our large portfolio of pre-defined analyses for SAP®-based data.

dab:AnalyticSuite – An overview

We have already implemented many issues of interest to you. The result is a vast set of ready-made analyses and reports for SAP® data These can be executed at the click of a button and provide you with finished results which you can use immediately. dab:AnalyticSuite covers more than a dozen business processes and offers fully transparent documentation. It includes simple data compressions along with complex, multi-step analyses covering all relevant content from process weaknesses and fraud detection to data quality and compliance issues.

The best analytics solution for SAP® data

Data analytics is a very broad term. We have defined it for you. We offer more than just reports: dab:AnalyticSuite is a user-friendly, integrated and well-thought-out self-service data analytics platform.

SAP® Database Analysis

Your most important processes - covered! We offer ready-made analyses for all key business processes in SAP®.


Accounts payable

Sales orders



Accounts receiveable

Asset accounting

Vendor master data

Customer master data

Billing documents

Material master

material movements

User & Authorizations

SAP® system settings

Includes all essential topics! Data analytics covers a very broad range of topics. Our dab:AnalyticSuite encapsulates our wealth of experience and covers all key areas.

Internal control system

Incorrect entries


Data quality

Fraud prevention

Process analyses

Cash recovery

Fraud detection




Hundreds of analyzes - ready to run!

In our brochure "Analytic solutions for your SAP® data - 25 ideas for your business" are some examples taken from over a hundred analytic questions which we have in our portfolio. They can be answered using our solutions at the push of a button.

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Not everyone likes broccoli

User friendliness and usability. Endless rolls of data printouts are a dream for some analysts. Others like graphics and visualisations, while others prefer compressions in the form of KPIs and KRIs. dab:AnalyticSuite accommodates all these options.


A concept-based solution

We have eliminated time-wasting tasks for you. Do you worry about where to find the right data? Then once you’ve found them, do they need to be combined and prepared so they are of use to you? And all this is just preparatory work before you start the actual analyses. With dab:AnalyticSuite, we do all this for you

Data definition

We tell you which SAP® data are needed for all analyses. Our knowledge spans hundreds of SAP® tables and thousands of fields.

Define data
data quality

Data preparation

At a push of a button, the raw data are correctly combined to create a simple, clean data pool. It already contains all information required to understand the results.

Detailed analysis

The individual analyses are performed using the correct data pool; at the click of a button, you are provided with the very results which you previously had to generate afresh each time in a laborious manual process.

Data Analyzes

How it works

3 steps to success. Central, integrated, rich in content and user-friendly – with dab:AnalyticSuite, standardising data analytics is no problem.


Data analysis function

Smooth data access


dab:Exporter ensures that the data from your SAP® system are effortlessly extracted. Even extremely large data volumes are not a problem. Data can be accessed directly by the specialist department.

Data analysis with dab: AnalyticSuite
SAP® Data Server

Central data repository, analytics engine and content


The raw data extracted from SAP® are stored centrally on the server. Allowing you to avoid redundancies with large data volumes and comply with all data protection standards within your company. The ACL™ Analytics Exchange analytics software is also installed on the server and acts as the data processing engine. dab:AnalyticSuite serves as the analytics content; your analyses/reports are implemented as apps for ACL™ and are responsible for producing the results.

User-friendly results


DACL™ AX technology allows us to provide the results from dab:AnalyticSuite in different formats. While experienced users can access the results using ACL™ analytics software, they can also be provided as Microsoft Excel™ files. However, access via a web browser is especially user-friendly. Users of this approach don’t need analytics software installed, and can view, filter and even visualise results directly in the web browser.

Data Analysis Microsoft Excel

dab:AnalyticSuite versus Common Data Model

With common data model data analytic approaches, data are transferred into a simplified structure from different sources. In theory, data from different ERP systems (e.g. SAP®, Oracle™, Navision™) can be analysed with a single logic. We deliberately decided against this for dab:AnalyticSuite and optimised it for SAP®. This is because we enrich our analyses with lots of essential SAP®-specific information and deliver highly detailed information. We believe this is necessary for in-depth analyses. If SAP® is not your main focus, ACL™ has developed ACL™ Essentials, which we also offer in our capacity as an ACL™ distribution partner.


We will be happy to show you in detail just how powerful ACL™ Analytics can be in the hands of experienced users. Please contact us for further information, a web demo or a personal meeting. We will get back to you immediately.