SAP Connector

Finally, we now have a solution – SAP Connector – that allows you to seamlessly integrate data extraction from SAP® and the subsequent analysis in Analytics desktop version/Robotics.

SAP Connector – an overview

As well as a series of standard connectors, the analytic solution by Diligent now also offers premium connectors for special requirements. One of the most important of these is SAP Connector. This fully integrated solution enables you to embed access to SAP® data in the automated analytics process in the form of a simple add-on. With SAP Connector, you no longer have to specifically run a separate tool, convert data or go to other similar lengths.

As you can see, there's nothing to be seen

The video shows you data extraction from SAP using automated analyses. As the actual extraction process is fully integrated, we also explain some background technical information in the video.

Extracting data – securely, of course!

Accessing productive systems is never a matter to be taken lightly. Here, SAP Connector prioritises aspects that are important to you:

Data integrity throughout

To guarantee security of your data, the Connector executes write-protected queries on your system.


The close SAP connection ensures that users only have access to the areas and data for which they have authorisation.

Minimally invasive

The SAP Connector compromises neither the SAP system nor applications that run on the system – even during the extraction of large data volumes.

SAP certified

The SAP Connector for use with SAP® ERP has SAP-certified integration in SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM and SAP EWM.

We don't have time! Doing things manually – a thing of the past.

The SAP Connector helps you extract data from SAP® regularly and reliably, on an automated basis.

Connector? Data extraction? Did I miss something?

The best extraction software is one that you no longer notice as separate software in productive operation. It acquires the data reliably in the course of its analysis tasks. The performance of your SAP system is not compromised. The data are converted directly into the correct target format for Robotics, ensuring that the associated analyses are performed automatically. Your life is made far easier, without having to endure yet another maintenance-intensive tool.


We are the perfect contact partner for data extraction from SAP® – and have been for more than 10 years. Please contact us for further information, a web demo or a personal meeting. We will get back to you immediately.