Robotics Enterprise 

Automated analyses made easy – automating the entire process from data extraction and analyses to results distribution has never been easier.

Robotics Enterprise – an overview

A modern, web-based user interface provides access to powerful automation features. You create your own robots, which access data using a number of pre-defined connectors, analyse the data on a time-controlled basis using their own automation language, and generate results at detailed and overview level (KPI/KRI). Additional associated automation options are available via workflows and questionnaires.

Understandable and usable results

Automated analysis tasks are simply a means to an end. What's important is that the results provide insights and trigger actions where applicable. Robotics Enterprise allows results to be differentiated according to recipient at all relevant levels.

From isolated solution to teamwork

Data analyses should no longer be purely the reserve of IT specialists. With ACL™ Robotics Enterprise, you make both the results and also the robots that perform the automation accessible and transparent for your team. As the logic underlying the robots is managed in the cloud, you can finally do away with locally installed programs.


Escape the surfeit of individual applications

Previously, people had to deal with a whole series of often poorly integrated fragments of software. A data extraction tool, the analysis software, a spreadsheet application and a BI tool for visualisation. As a fully integrated, complete solution, ACL™ Robotics Enterprise puts an end to this scenario as a web browser is now all that you need to use the whole solution.

Background information: Technical aspects

If you like the idea of an integrated analytics environment but would still like some more technical information, here are a few additional key features:


No data means no analysis. Robotics offers a number of standard and premium connectors:

The premium SAP™ Connector, or standard connectors for Hive, Twitter, Concur, Exchange, LDAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Spark and many more besides.


Your robots (or the underlying automation scripts) are automatically versioned. This gives you full transparency when it comes to modifications, and also the certainty that you can always access a functioning analytics status.

Developer mode:

Automated analyses depend on constant development. The developer mode allows you to do this without compromising your existing reporting. A sandbox system enables structured testing and quality assurance.

Cloud vs. Intranet? Cloud + Intranet!

Robotics Enterprise combines the best of both worlds. A simple, attractive, web-based user interface combined with cloud-based script management (including versioning and sandboxing) and control of an agent. The latter can be locally installed to ensure you can process large data volumes securely within the confines of your own company. You can, however, use the cloud for sharing analysis results.