Use data analytics without having to develop your own resources. Implementing data analytics projects on your own requires expert knowledge and professional software. The first requires human resources, the latter software licence costs. But not so with dab:RapidResults, which combines the best of both worlds.


dab:RapidResults combines consulting with our analytics software. Do you want to perform structured data analytics? If so, you need the right tools, trained staff and sufficient time. So if you are faced with this challenge but lack the necessary resources, dab:RapidResults is the right choice. You will draw on our long-standing consulting expertise and our proven software solutions, without the need for in-house training or licence fees. You will receive the analysis results quickly and reliably.

Standard use-cases


Our specialists analyze your accounting data for potential monetary losses. The focus may be vendor dual payments, credits to clients, or outline agreements in purchasing. Of course we can also support in viewing the original documents.

False Positive
data analysis software test

Try before you buy

Are data analytics really worth it? Before considering the implementation of standard analytics in your enterprise or procuring data analytics software, just try and see the results that are possible. We apply our ready defined analytics to your SAP® data, go through the results with you, and present them to you in a format so you can follow them up.


Audit support

Many audits require the use of data analytics – but they often tie down resources that are scarce anyway. Do not waste valuable time on basic data editing, we know what to do and have the right tools ready-to-use. When it comes to SAP® data, our ready defined check routines help you to generate high-quality results in a fraction of the time it otherwise takes. Of course we also assists you in interpreting them.


Internal revision
SoD - Segregation of Duties

Special investigations & SoD

You suspect something or even have concrete cases of fraud, and want to get to the bottom of the matter –whether they have left tracks in your ERP system that prove them, or there are even more similar cases. We support you here with our expertise. Downstream authorization analyses like in SoD (segregation of duties) are another facet of our daily business.


We have some good news for you. The entire process is straightforward, planable and easy to implement. We have the experience and already bring this into the planning.

Data analytics process

1. Select

You select any number of standard analyses from our extensive analytics catalogue.

2. Install

We provide you with the necessary software and support you during installation.

3. Perform analyses

With our help, the data can be quickly extracted, enabling the analyses you need to be performed.

4. Discuss and hand over the results

We discuss the results with you in detail, look through the relevant SAP® transactions with you and hand over all of the results to you for follow-up.

Areas analyzed

You can select from just under 200 questions for 12 processes:

Material movements

Customer master data

Accounts receiveable

Material master data

Vendor master data

Sales and distribution

Asset accounting



General Ledger

Accounts payable

Billing documents

Analytic examples:


In our brouchure „25 analytic ideas for your business” you will find a few examples taken from our full portfolio. In total we currently offer around 200 analytic tests from which you can select using our product “dab:RapidResults”.

Download Catalog (5,5 MB)

Our expertise

Our advisors are data analytics experts with many years’ experience in the precise areas of relevance (e.g. analytics software, SAP® processes and data structures). They are very familiar with risk management, compliance and internal auditing issues. As business informatics specialists, they combine technical know-how with domain knowledge. Our software solutions are well established on the market and used by customers of all sizes. Our credentials in the field of consultancy and software speak for themselves.

What else?

More than just a job. With dab:RapidResults you not only get results, you also receive the best conditions and benefits.

Data analytics quality

Large choice

Results are generated at the push of a button, standardized and comparable.


Results are generated at the push of a button, standardized and comparable.


We support clients at home and abroad, operating in almost 20 countries in the past 13 years.

Data security

No data leaves your company. We naturally abide by all terms governing data protection and confidentiality.

Get in and go

You don’t need to be a tecci. Our specialists relieve you of technical matters.


Solid documentation and extra information makes sure you interpret things right.


Practice in analytics topids at the same time generates expertise among supported employees.


Our consultants communicate in a precise and friendly manner, are both cooperative and professional.

How can we help you?

Consultancy and project support is always an individual matter. If the above examples are of interest to you or if you require support in similar or different areas, please contact us. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you and prepare a custom quote for you.