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dab:neXus – New Release focuses on User Experience

The Package Studio and Content Studio user interfaces in dab:neXus have already been completely optimized in previous releases and given a new, clearer design. Now Workspace and Settings also get a new, improved look. But that's not all that comes with the current release.  

Workspace with more structure

With the new design of the Workspace, we've replaced the equally weighted tile look with a list view that helps users grasp Analytic Tasks and their status much faster and gives them a better overview. Other elements such as logs and detailed visualizations of extraction and analysis progress are now presented in a more minimalist way, as the previous space-consuming layout did not offer much added value for users. 

Tagging simplifies search

New in the workspace: the tagging function, with the ability to filter and search for relevant tags. Users can categorize workspaces and thus find tasks more quickly. The tagging function is now also part of the Package Studio to simplify extraction handling.

Individual Extraction Packages for Analytic Groups

In the Content Studio, we have created the ability to link an Analytic Group to existing extractions from the Package Studio or to trigger the automatic creation of an extraction package based on the information from the Analytic Group.

Optimized workflows

We have also integrated minor workflow optimizations. For example, users now don't have to name Analytic Tasks until after they've been created, which has the advantage that settings for extraction or analysis are already defined. Choosing a meaningful title becomes much easier this way.

New explanation function

We have added explanations or information in various places to save users from having to jump to the documentation. Explanations for individual fields were available, but we have replaced the old hover function with a more convenient show/hide box.

Licenses at a glance 

Licensing has been added as a new menu item in the settings. This is in response to our users' request for an easier overview of their active licenses.

Additional functions for Third Party Services

We also respond to the request of our customers and have integrated the export of extracted data as CSV file as additional functionality in dab:neXus.  

Next release 

We are currently working on activity logging and plan to include this feature in the next release. Then companies will be able to view activities of users and the history of configurations.

In the video, Product Owner Robert Galetzka speaks personally about the new release of dab:neXus and tells us what new features you can expect. 


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