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dab:neXus Content Suite Plus

The Latest Generation of SAP Data Extraction

The successor of our dab:Exporter has two main improvements.

Even easier to use and even more powerful in terms of functions - that is the credo of our new product family dab:neXus. Previously, the dab:neXus Content Suite edition enabled the execution of predefined analytical use cases. With our new edition, dab:neXus Content Suite Plus, users can now also create their own configurations for the export of data from SAP. The usability is so intuitive that even business users can independently perform the extraction of data.

What can users expect in dab:neXus Content Suite Plus?   

More than 20 years of experience in SAP data extraction have gone into the development of dab:neXus Content Suite Plus.  All the features that our customers value in the dab:Exporter are still included. However, as technological development has advanced and we are taking customer feedback into account, we have readjusted in two areas: Usability and Functionality. 

More transparent work in the Package Studio

As part of the proven package management, data extraction requirements (SAP tables, filters, etc.) can be compiled manually and saved as a template for future executions. We have made adjustments at this point and additionally simplified the creation and management of export packages.  

Optimized usability

The majority of data extraction tools on the market do not shine with intuitive navigation and clarity. While we have already made many things better with the dab:Exporter, users can look forward to even easier usability with dab:neXus Content Suite Plus. 

The biggest convenience is the graphical user interface. On the canvas view, dependencies between package elements such as SAP tables, field lists and filters can be recognized at a glance without having to navigate through various menus as before. 
Free-field searches and drag-and-drop functions further simplify operation, so that even tech-savvy business users can now perform exports themselves - without any support from the IT department. 

New functions 

In addition to greater granularity in the filters, the introduction of repositories is one of the biggest new features. They offer significantly more options for creating dependencies between different tables and saving the setting for future exports. Used correctly, information from other linked tables is included in the extraction as a kind of dynamic filter.

For regular analytics, users can resort to delta extractions. This exports only the difference to the old data set, which significantly reduces system load and the duration of the process. 

Data extraction tool or end-to-end solution - the user decides 

The biggest difference to the dab:Exporter: With dab:neXus Content Suite Plus, companies not only acquire an extraction tool. They can also run the data analytics on the same platform. Additional analytic tools are unnecessary. The data is saved securely in your company thanks to Microsoft SQL Server. 

An analytics cycle for SAP data couldn't be more efficient or convenient. Take a look for yourself. Arrange a call with us and we will gladly present dab:neXus Content Suite Plus to you in a live demo. 

You are already using dab:neXus Content Suite? Then you can upgrade your edition to the Plus edition at any time. Please contact us!


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