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Webinar Transforming Internal Audit with Artificial Intelligence

February 29, 2024 | 10.30 am CET | English 

We are thrilled to invite you for our upcoming webinar, "Transforming Internal Audit with Artificial Intelligence – A Shift from Rule-Based to Dynamic Insights", where we will present to you, how to find anomalies and outliers in your SAP data through the help of Artificial Intelligence.

As we navigate through an era of constant technological evolution, the significance of staying at the forefront of innovation cannot be overstated. Our webinar is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a groundbreaking approach to SAP data analytics, where Artificial Intelligence takes center stage in redefining traditional Internal Audit methodologies.

In the webinar we will explore the following Key Topics:

  • Limitations of conventional SAP Data Analytics: What are the limitations of conventional data analytics for Internal Audit teams?
  • AI-Powered Outlier Detection: Shifting away from rigid rule-based systems, we delve into the benefits of adopting a more adaptive and flexible strategy for Internal Audit. 
  • Democratizing AI for All: Say goodbye to the notion that only data scientists can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence. We're breaking down barriers and making AI accessible to everyone. 
  • Real-world Applications: It's not just theory; we're diving into real-world applications. Walk away with practical knowledge and actionable insights that you can implement immediately, regardless of your technical background.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey to the future of internal audit. Please consider the webinar will be presented in English. 

Register now

Please note, we are hosting the same webinar at a different time:
February 28, 2024 | 11.30 am EST / 8.30 am PST

If this suits your geographical location and time zone better, feel free to register using the following link. Click here for registration.

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