Video: How to install a whistleblowing platform using ACL™ GRC

ACL GRC is ideal for establishing a data-analytics-based, integrated risk-management system. One aspect which many customers ask about is the installation of a whistleblowing platform.

This video shows how you can easily create such a platform in just a few minutes, without using Microsoft Sharepoint and without necessarily having to bother your IT department. Setting up and using the solution doesn’t require any extensive technical or programming knowledge on your part.

  • With ACL GRC, you can easily create your own customised reporting forms. You can then make these openly available on the Internet or on your Intranet, and so also enable the submission of anonymous reports.
  • You can also set automated notifications (triggers) to inform individual persons or a group of managers immediately a new report is received.
  • They can view the data in detail and process the incidents (e.g. delegate, set statuses, forward or close them).
  • Finally, the solution offers the ability to create graphic dashboards (called storyboards in ACL GRC) in order to provide the team (or management) with a user-friendly, graphically attractive overview of all incidents.

All this is explained briefly in the video.

If you have so far only considered ACL GRC in more limited ERM (enterprise risk management) or audit management terms, this will perhaps give you additional ideas for other application scenarios. For example, the system as shown could also be used to report incidents of any type (e.g. health & safety incidents), either through surveys or using a specific form installed on the Intranet or Internet. Surveys, self-assessments, etc. can also easily be implemented in this way.

Please contact us at any time if you have questions.

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