Pre­sen­ta­tion of our part­ner Da­ta­Con­sult­ing

Here we'd like to present one of our highly rated partners. DataConsulting (www.dataconsulting.co.uk) plays a major role in making the products and services of dab:GmbH highly successful in an international forum.

Based in Wakefield, England, its many years of experience in data analytics and a highly committed team of specialists make Wakefield-based DataConsulting in the UK an ideal sales partner for us.

Data analytics is a business in which trusting and confident cooperation is essential. In addition to competence in the field, it's important how uprightly and dependably the business partner acts and responds – not only towards us but also to clients. This is more than true in the case of DataConsulting. Managing director of DataConsulting is Robin Clough, absolutely the right partner for dab:GmbH given the experience he's accumulated over the years, optimal contacts, impeccable reputation and standing in the market. We're especially pleased to see the added exposure given our products dab:Exporter (data extraction from SAP®), dab:AnalyticSuite (an expansive portfolio of reports and analyses for SAP® data) through the new web presence of DataConsulting. This shows that the value added of our solutions is impacting, that this partnership is set to produce a clear win/win.

To show you who we're working with, we asked Robin to give a brief outline of himself and his company. The questions we sent as proposals were answered by video. If you require data analytics support in England or wish to draw on our data analytics solutions for SAP® data in England, DataConsulting is the right partner to consult.

Video: Presentation of our partner DataConsulting

Da­ta­Con­sult­ing – Robin Clough Q&A

Introduce yourself and DataConsulting

Hello, my name is Robin Clough and I’m the managing director of DataConsulting here in Wakefield, UK. We are a small consultancy specialising in the provision of data analytics services primarily to internal audit, risk and compliance functions. We also provide development in tools such as Excel but we are probably most famous for our expertise in the data analytics tool, ACL.

As a company, we have a total of 9 people. Of those, 5 or 6 specialise in the provision of data analytics services to our customers and the remainder are responsible for promoting the DataConsulting brand within the UK and beyond, keeping our website up-to-date and ensuring that customers get the detailed responses they need.


How long have you personally been involved in data analytics?

My career in data analytics is quite a long one, as you can see by the amount of hair on my head. I started out at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the early 90’s where I was one of the first people at PWC employed specifically for the purpose of delivering data analytics and specifically for applying data analytics on audit engagements. I was with PWC initially for 11 years before moving to Deloitte where I was a director and then after my period at Deloitte that’s when I set up DataConsulting about 8 years ago.


What has been the biggest challenge so far since you created DataConsulting?

Running your own company brings many challenges, lots of rewards and satisfactions definitely but certainly there are challenges. From day one creating that pipeline of work and opportunity is challenging but over time you find that the pipeline starts to grow with the amount of effort you put in. Although you have periods when you begin to worry, you find that with the reputation we’ve built the pipeline tends to look after itself. One of the other areas that can be challenging is finding the right people to work for DataConsulting. My background is at PWC and Deloitte and I try and replicate the standards that those companies set, if not exceed them. So in terms of the people we employ at DataConsulting I’m always looking for people who are keen, enthusiastic and have a real passion for data analytics.


What is the vision of the company going forward?

The vision for DataConsulting has always been to grow as a company and we have done that over the last 7 or 8 years but we’ve done it gradually, building up the team organically and building up our client base as well on a step by step process. I’d like to continue to grow but I’ve always been careful about how quickly we do grow; we are a people-based organisation – we grow by the people we employ and when we add to the team that tends to be a long process to ensure we bring the right people on to the team.


What is your personal vision for the company?

On a personal level I’m very happy at the moment in terms of running DataConsulting, you never quite know what each week brings, there’s always new aspects to the job and new challenges. Every week is mixed but I certainly plan to continue to work hard at DataConsulting and continue to grow the company and make it in to more of a success than it is already today.


Outside of the office what do you get up to and what’s there to see in Wakefield?

I have a relatively young family who keep me very busy. I’m passionate about my sport, I do a lot of cycling and running, and compete in triathlons. To date I’ve competed in three Ironman Triathlons and I plan to compete in another next year when my aim will be to complete a sub-11 hour Ironman.

Wakefield is where I was born and I’m heavily involved in the Wakefield area. I’m the secretary of the local Wakefield Triathlon Club so I promote triathlon in the Wakefield area. Wakefield itself is a great place, closely located to the M1 and is very well connected to London. In terms of local attractions there is the Hepworth Gallery which has a strong reputation across the UK and abroad. We also have a Sculpture Park nearby which hosts many of the works by Henry Moore, one of the World’s most famous sculptures. If you do happen to come to Wakefield maybe through one of our training courses you’ll certainly enjoy yourself and find that Wakefield is a great place to come and stay.



Thanks very much for taking the time to look at our website and watching this video. If you have any questions about DataConsulting and what we do then please do feel free to get in touch, we will be more than happy to help you.


For any comments on this article, feel free to write us at info@dab-gmbh.de. To contact the author you can also use LinkedIn or XING (you may have to login first before you can access these links).

LinkedIn: http://de.linkedin.com/pub/stefan-wenig/54/1b8/b30

XING: https://www.xing.com/profile/Stefan_Wenig2?sc_o=mxb_p

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