An­nu­al Re­tro­spect and Christ­mas Greet­ings 2015

Perhaps you feel the same way – you look at the calendar and are surprised that yet another year is past. For us it was very much a successful year, one that we would like to take a brief look back upon together with you.

There was many a note­worthy high­light:

  • Extended sales field: Extra to Germany, software producer ACL™ entrusted us with Austria and German-speaking Switzerland as regions for sales operations. Here we are available to you too in future as a competent contact and partner for matters in and around ACL™ data analytics, whether inquiries about new ACL™ licenses, renewing ongoing subscription or support contracts, official certified ACL™ training, and all relevant services like support for audits or script programming. This additional responsibility is confirmation for us of the good work that we have rendered to date, and we very much appreciate it.

  • Intensification of our international partner network: Internationally too, 2015 was our most successful year to date. One of the reasons is that we have consistently promoted the standardization and operability of our products. Perhaps more important is our strong and stable network of sales partners. All of them data analytics specialists, not only top-notch in their profession but also when it comes to integrity, dependability and character. For us of course it is highly rewarding, given our leadership in expertise, to be able to select who we work with. In the UK this is DataConsulting, in the USA and Canada we are represented by High Water Advisors (HWA), in Scandinavia we work the field together with bizcon, for Eastern Europe SKG is our partner of many years, and in Germany we continue to have the best of contacts with DATEV in Nuremberg – special thanks to all of them.

  • Expanding the product portfolio: ACL™ now offers software for auditing and risk management in ACL GRC™. This perfectly rounds off our overall portfolio of solutions since now, starting with SAP® data extraction through standard analytics for SAP® data, training and consulting, we are also able to offer software for governance, risk and compliance plus audit management.

  • Setting up dab: Mittelstand GmbH: Early on when we commenced data analytics we were able to acquire major clients like Bayer, BSH Hausgeräte, BASF and Deutsche Post DHL, all pioneers of data analytics in auditing. That was and is extremely important for us – but in future we also wish to direct special attention to medium-sized business, which plays a central role in Germany in particular. Here we aim to increasingly support data analytics, and for this purpose created dab: Mittelstand GmbH. Incorporating a separate company shows how important we see the emergence of this field. We will provide some more details about this new subsidiary in this blog beginning of next year – stay tuned!


Thank you that you have decided to become our client or remained so in 2015. By your demand for our products and services as well as through your feedback you enable us to do and to improve what we wish to do: To promote digital data analytics and make it natural and implicit in how you work.

As the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: "The best way to begin each day is to think upon awakening whether we could not give at least one person pleasure on this day."

Well, data analytics may not be a source of incessant pleasure – it is a task that calls for much knowledge from different areas, accuracy in application, advanced software solutions and a certain perseverance in familiarizing with new fields. What we can influence is the way in which we cooperate with you: Data analytics is our passion, we want to support you and enjoy helping you to make this matter not an insurmountable challenge but something that is automatically there waiting for you to tackle it.

We create our software so that it makes your life easier and – assuming a certain affinity for the subject – you much enjoy using it because it makes your life easier and simplifies the chores facing you.

Not forgetting the quality of our many years of business relations: dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH will soon have been operating on the market successfully for 12 years, and continues to play a forerunner role in the standardized analysis of SAP® data. Many of our clients have been with us almost just as long, we are well acquainted and estimate the personal, individual contact and cooperation. It is pleasing to see that our business it not out-paced, that our solutions are established in companies longterm, and – other than is often the case in an era of the app – really benefit our clients longterm.

So we can look back on a gratifying year, take a short breather, and look forward to what is awaiting us in 2016. We wish you and yours a right Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year 2016.

If you have questions or comments, you can contact us at info@dab-gmbh.de.

LinkedIn: http://de.linkedin.com/pub/stefan-wenig/54/1b8/b30

XING: https://www.xing.com/profile/Stefan_Wenig2?sc_o=mxb_p

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