We are Galvanize – heralding a new era in the history of ACL™

The galvanising process

ACL has recently been the subject of lots of exciting news – about both the software manufacture itself and also its product range. Strictly speaking, ACL’s correct name following its recent rebranding is now “Galvanize”.


On 24 April 2019, prominent individuals attended a webinar on the reasons for the rebranding and the idea behind the new names of “Galvanize” and “Highbond” (for the software platform), along with other exciting background information. These are summarised here in our blog. We have also provided a link to the original video and the corresponding slides.


The webinar was led by Dan Zitting, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Galvanize (formerly ACL), with guests Laurie Schultz, President & CEO of Galvanize (formerly ACL), and Vivek Shivananda, President, IT & Security Solutions at Galvanize (formerly RSAM).


About integrated ERP, integrated CRM, integrated GRC

Besides the motives behind the rebranding, I was particularly fascinated by the detailed way in which the vision and the planned path for Galvanize was presented. According to CEO Laurie Schultz, digitalisation is in many cases creating new “corporate leaders” in different segments. While this is not necessarily a new phenomenon, it is particularly important in terms of the following factors of relevance for Galvanize:

“Integrated ERP” and “integrated CRM” are examples of isolated solutions that have been consolidated into integrated platforms in recent years. Having been involved in the analysis of ERP data, especially from SAP® systems, for a number of years, I found this point easy to understand.

Accounting systems, merchandise planning solutions, HR platforms, and purchasing and sales solutions have been combined into enterprise resource planning platforms under the umbrella term “Integrated ERP”, with SAP® as a prime example.

This consolidation has also made its mark in a second area, with marketing tools, sales management, customer support and digital marketing being combined into integrated CRM platforms, notably by Salesforce.


These integrated solutions now form the basis of a software market (or markets, if one considers the segments in themselves) worth billions of euros. But where does Galvanize fit into this picture? This is the exciting bit:

The GRC market has clearly not yet completed this process of consolidation, with software silos, niche suppliers and isolated solutions for individual sub-areas a common feature here. This is precisely where Galvanize steps in with its Highbond platform (formerly (ALC GRC): As a genuine integrated solution, this GRC suite successfully combines central aspects such as compliance, audit, security, performance and risk management, as well as internal controls, as an integrated, future-proof solution.


Highbond – the new platform for integrated GRC

After presenting the big picture in the form of a vision for an integrate GRC system, the Highbond platform was then outlined in more detail.

The solution contains many more elements than those already mentioned, including risk management, regulatory compliance, internal controls, audit, fraud & corruption, IT GRC, third-party risk management, policy management, incident response & case management, business continuity, and of course the key discipline of robotics – data automation, analytics, monitoring & integration. Alongside a powerful framework and best-in-class user interface, another unique feature is the continuous expansion of content.

The Highbond platform – pillars and content

The dominant market position was also highlighted by a look at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for integrated risk management. ACL was positioned as a challenger with high ability to execute, with RSAM as a visionary at the threshold of the leader quadrant (as at July 2018). It's easy to imagine how the merger of these two companies will create a major new player.

Position of ACL and RSAM in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (Source: Webinar Youtube video)


This marks a real milestone in the history of ACL™ as it continues its development under the name of Galvanize, ensuring this new player makes a key contribution to shaping and determining the world of integrated GRC.

As a Galvanize partner, we have enjoyed sharing in the company’s journey to date and are enthusiastic about our joint future with you as valued customer and Galvanize as a strong, future-oriented GRC player.

Full details can be found in the following Youtube video and slide deck. A continuously updated FAQ section has also been created.

Watch the recording

Download the slides

Read the FAQs

If you are just as excited by these developments as we are, and would like to gain a first-hand insight by talking directly to the key individuals at the company, please note 22 to 25 April 2020 in your diary. These are the planned dates for the Galvanize Summit (formerly ACL Connections) in Orlando, Florida. We will also be attending and would welcome the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with you then. Details are available at https://www.acl.com/summit/

Besides the opportunities presented at the above event, we will of course be happy to answer your questions at any other time and look forward to your feedback.

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