Be­come an ex­pert in an­a­ly­sis

Analyse business data from SAP®, but how?

The fundament for successful analysis is the identification and subsequent treatment of the data. In addition to technical knowledge, process and business knowledge is essential to interpret the results correctly and refine.

Over many years dab:GmbH collected work experience in numerous successful projects, which has been used to develop an integrated training concept. The most important foundation stones were laid in STAAN project at Bayer AG. Details can be found in the article "Big Data - Big Challenge" in the ZIR 5/2013 or for download on our website.

Also this year we will be offering this integrated SAP ® / ACL ™ training again as an open event, for the first time as English courses.

The trainings are characterized by the balance between theoretical basics and practical application. Required SAP ® content (such as transaction codes, tables) are processed and consolidated in the analysis software ACL ™ through targeted workshops with analytical questions from daily practice.

For beginners in the field of data analysis, we offer the "Integrated SAP ® / ACL ™ Basic Training". This is divided into SAP ® and ACL ™ basics, SAP ® processes "Purchase-to-Pay" and "Order-to-Cash" and workshops.

They are advanced data analyst and already have ACL ™ and SAP ®-based knowledge? Then our postgraduate "Integrated SAP ® / ACL ™ Advanced Training" offers the necessary details and deeper insights into the following SAP ® processes:

I'm looking forward to welcoming you at one of the training sessions. Do you have questions or comments about our training courses?

As a coach at these events you can contact me for more details info@dab-gmbh.de.

Florian Popa

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