Diligent SAP Connector

Unlock your SAP intelligence with simple, high-performance and secure data access.

Problems solved

SAP data access challenges - solved

Audit and Risk Management have to be based on data and analytics. But getting data out of SAP provides challenges.


When accessing big amounts of data, using the standard SAP interface leads to timeouts.


Format errors

Extracting text, data or numeric fields might lead to incorrect formatting when extracting manually.


SAP System impact

Manual queries can lead to a performance drop of the often crucial SAP live system.



Make your Diligent One Platform SAP data-driven

Plug in the SAP Connector and get your data fast, secure and reliably.

AI Analytics-ready data

Get reliable, perfectly formatted data, for fully automated data analytics. Do so without affecting your SAP systems performance. And for all AI enthusiasts, extraction and transformation is done.


Data Connector for use with SAP ERP has achieved SAP-certified integration with SAP S/4HANA 1809, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM, and SAP EWM.

Don't wait for IT

Provide self-service analytics & increase productivity by allowing teams to access SAP data easily and securely for analysis, instead of burdening IT or incurring delays due to miscommunication.


Our References Speak of Success

Marcel Schäfer

Head of Audit for Corporate and Service Functions & Compliance at Covestro AG

Keven Hebekeuser

Auditor at Evonik Industries AG

Pierre Poukens

CAE of Huntsman

Lothar Klein-Schopper

Head of Group Internal Audit at Leoni AG


Our software solutions

With our ready-to-run analytics portfolio you can use the data extracted with the SAP Connector to get all the insights you need.