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For two decades, we have been pioneers in the analysis of business data and pass on this experience not only through our software. Our services are the individual key to data-driven solutions by building knowledge within the organization to make informed business decisions.

Exploring the System

Data analysis as a service

Profit from valuable insights into corporate processes without
tying up resources. Simply tell us what you need and we will provide detailed
evaluations including result reports - effortlessly and efficiently!
Knowledge base


Our ImpactBoad as a pre-check

Our in-depth pre-audit identifies gaps in control by running the entire analysis portfolio for the process. We put results into perspective, consider corporate deviations and trends in order to identify the greatest potential for improvements.


Selection of analyses for in-depth checks

Based on the pre-analysis and the resulting risk assessment, the required in-depth assessments are selected from our extensive analysis portfolio. Our analyses include both master data and transaction data for the most important areas of the company.


Performing analysis

The specified standard analyses are performed on the dataset for the requested period and business area. The identified deviations are then quantified, evaluated and visualized by experts.


Reporting results

In a joint workshop, we delve deeper into the results regarding causes and effects. The insights gained are incorporated into a detailed final report, which includes a risk assessment and well-founded recommendations.

What happens next?

Individual analyses

For specific questions, we create a customised analysis that delivers exactly what is needed.

Definition of the requirement

Describe the objective of the analysis and the associated process. Together we will define the requirements, on the basis of which we will then provide an exact estimate of the work involved.


Obtaining the data

Before implementing the analyses, we agree which data is required and whether this can be obtained directly via our tools or needs to be provided.


Realisation of the evaluation

As soon as we know the data structure, we automate the evaluation logic. This enables seamless tracking and repeatability of all steps.


Handover of the analysis and results

The insights gained in this way are discussed in a workshop and the relevant data, including the final report, are handed over. The resulting analysis script is also part of the result and can be reused for other projects.


Know How

Building up expertise

Experience practical support on your way to becoming an expert in SAP data analysis.

Software for data analysis

Our training courses on ACL (Diligent) and dab Nexus are aimed equally at beginners and experienced users.

Data analysis of SAP processes

We pass on our many years of experience in the data analysis of SAP processes in the form of practical workshops.

Support on call

With our Support+ offer, our experts are just a mouse click away to provide uncomplicated, fast and well-founded support for spontaneous questions about data analysis.

Our Clients

Customers using our solutions

Martin Riedl | Stefan Wenig


Edith Wittmann

General Manager Global Partner Solutions Germany

Robin Clough


Bart Vernaillen


Pierre Poukens

CAE of Huntsman

Keven Hebekeuser

Auditor at Evonik Industries AG

Marcel Schäfer

Head of Audit for Corporate and Service Functions & Compliance at Covestro AG

Lothar Klein-Schopper

Head of Group Internal Audit at Leoni AG


Your Benefits

We offer flexibility, cost efficiency and independence of resources, with sustainable development of expertise.


Variable rather than fixed costs

In-house data analysis requires the purchase of software, ties up resources and leads to fixed costs. In contrast, services adapt flexibly to individual needs and offer a calculable cost structure.


Expert Knowledge

We offer comprehensive knowledge of data analysis tools and business processes thanks to our many years of experience from projects at various companies and industries.


External Resources

The use of external resources enables fast, efficient solutions without long-term commitments.


Birdseye view

A neutral view opens up new perspectives and enables a broader framework for discussion.


Expansion of expertise

By discussing the results in a joint workshop, the knowledge of the risks and analysis possibilities of the processes is imparted directly on the company's own data.


Interpretation of the analysis results

In addition to the pure data analysis, the generated results are also evaluated in terms of content, graphically processed and presented in a risk-orientated manner.


Recommendation for action

Qualified impulses for the follow-up of the data analysis, with the aim of eliminating the identified weaknesses.


Analysis report

A summary of the scope, procedure, result and risk assessment of the data analysis performed, addressed to the management.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find some of the most common questions.

1. order processing contract incl. confidentiality agreement as the basis for the cooperation
2. jointly agree the scope of the analyses to be carried out as a service
3. extraction of the required data from the system using our software
4. provision of the data in a secure environment
5. evaluating the data by performing our standard analyses
6. evaluation and documentation of the results
7. workshop to jointly review and categorize the findings
8. handover of the results including final report
9. deletion of the stored raw data and analysis results in our environment
Our expertise focuses on SAP, where we cover both ECC and S/4HANA with our standard analyses. However, we can usually create individual analyses independently of the system.
The dab AnalyticSuite includes all essential company processes. Experience has shown that the need for analyses extends to the areas of purchasing, sales, accounting and finance as well as their master and change data. This is reflected in the SAP modules MM, SD and FI. Analyses of the authorization system are also included.
In general, the focus is on the evaluation of SAP processes by showing from which tables and fields the required information is extracted and combined. In addition to common topics such as P2P, O2C or change history, customized workshops are also possible, where the exact processes required are highlighted.
Our Support+ offer is limited to SAP topics. Questions are submitted via a ticket system and experienced consultants are then available promptly, either via web meetings, telephone or e-mail. We guarantee short response times and help, for example, with the interpretation of analysis results, localisation of SAP tables and fields, questions regarding the mapping of SAP standard processes or the tracking of identified processes in SAP, including validation.


If you have any questions or would like to get to know us and our products, please feel free to contact us to explore the limitless potential of partnership.

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