We offer an elaborated trainingsconcept with certified trainers and an extensive trainingsmaterial. Additionally we have valuable practical tips through our long experience in national and international data analysis projects which we like to pass on to you.


The open ACL™ Analytics Expert Training is based on the User training and contains further information for special analytic requirements. 



Experienced Users of the analytic tool ACL™ Analytics, whom want to update their knowledge and learn new special functionalites. 


Training goals and content:

The participants should learn the whole functionality of the software and how to use it. In the process basic functions will be repeated, methods for experienced analytic themes treated and an overview in scriptingcreation given. Numerous exercises based on trainings data enabel the direct usage of the new knowledge and complement the training excellently. 

• Summary of the basic topics
• Practical usage of functions for different scenarios 
• Merge tables
• Benford-Analysis 
• Identification of dublicates with similarity checks.(Fuzzy Duplicate) 
• Samplings
• Basics of scripting



Duration: 2 days
Max. Participants: 8 Participants
Price: 1.150 € (plus. VAT.) incl. Business Lunch, soft drinks and trainings dossiers 
Credited CPE–points: 15



Optional: dab:Training - ACL™ Analytics Designer


Open ACL™ Analytics Designer Training for User who want their evaluation automated and standardized. In the process every important aspect for scriptcreating in ACL™ will be shown and practiced in a workshop. 

• Create and run scripts
• The script editor 
• Rules of script language / syntax
 • Working with variables
• Important script commands  
• Best-Practices for Skriptcreating and Documentation


Duration: 1 day
Max. Participants: 8 participants
Price: 600 € (plus. VAT.) incl. Business Lunch, soft drinks and trainings dossiers
Credited CPE–points: 7