ACL™ Robotics Professional 

The data analytics pioneer. The ACL™ Robotics Professional desktop software has been helping users analyse large data volumes for over 20 years.


Our long-standing customer base knows the product under the name ACL™ Analytics.

ACL™ Robotics Professional – Overview

ACL Robotics Professional is the entry-level data analytics solution for mass data analysis. The Professional version consists of several individual Analytics desktop versions and the limited possibility to use the Robotics Cloud components. 

The top performer among data analytics tools combines table calculation and database features. You can input different data formats (PDF, Excel™ SAP® data) and perform analyses using predefined special functions. Large data volumes are not an issue; a logging functionality ensures your steps always remain traceable. An integrated macro language for programming apps, interfaces to R, Python and Tableau™ and visualisations complete the solution.

Analytics functionalities for experts

More than 100 specific data analytics features. Filtering, compression or matching of data records, duplicate searches or Benford analyses – Analytics offers you all this and more at the touch of a button.

Data Analytics

The best of two worlds

ACL™ Robotics Professional uniquely combines the strengths of table calculation applications such as Microsoft Excel™ and database applications such as Microsoft SQL™ Server and enriches them with analytics components.

Extensive function library

Analytics uniquely combines the strengths of table calculation applications such as Microsoft Excel™ and database applications such as Microsoft SQL™ Server and enriches them with analytics components.

Go Predictive, go Fuzzy

Exact would be just too simple. Do you need fuzzy duplicate searches or phonetic comparisons? Or do you need to include R or Python in order to incorporate predictive analytics aspects? Consider it done.

False Positive

Fuzzy Duplicates

Many duplicates are the result of typos. You can identify Meyer and Meier as a potential duplicate by using unequal character comparisons. Here, Analytics offers easy-to-use functions for phonetic similarities, Levenshtein distance or other algorithms.

Inclusion of R or Python

Nothing now stands in the way of predictive analytics. In ACL™ Robotics Professional, you can call up R or Python program code and use the return values in your analyses.

Data import made easy

Without data, even the best analytics tool is useless. Effortlessly import countless data formats in ACL™ Robotics Professional. An easy-to-use import assistant supports you during data import.

Import data

Other import formats. In addition to the general ODBC interface, ACL™ Robotics Professional also offers predefined connectors for many data sources:

Microsoft Excel™

Microsoft Access™



ODBC Quelle


MS SQL Server™






Predefined connectors. It is not only on a file basis that ACL™ Robotics Professional offers a wide range of access options. Connectors are also available for many important services:




Amazon Redshift




Google BigQuery





What else?

Analytics offers everything you need for data analytics. Ein starkes Entwicklerteam bei Analytics kümmert sich um die kontinuierliche Verbesserung des Produkts. Das zeigt sich an vielen weiteren durchdachten Funktionalitäten.

macro language

ACL™ Robotics Professional versus Office tools

Don't get us wrong: table calculations such as Microsoft Excel™ are great tools for everyday use. However, if you want to establish structured data analytics within your company, we highly recommend the use of specialist software such as ACL™ Robotics Professional. Not just because of the data volumes to be analysed, but also in the interests of standardisation and ensuring sustainability for your analytics work.


We will be happy to show you in detail just how powerful ACL™ Robotics Professional can be in the hands of experienced users. Please contact us for further information, a web demo or a personal meeting. We will get back to you immediately.