ACL™Analytics Exchange

More than just a perofrmance boost. ACL™ Analytics Exchange server-based software offers data analytics sustainability through team play, knowledge management and standardisation.


ACL AX is now the new software ACL Robotics

ACL™ Analytics Exchange – Overview

The industry leader’s server version further enhances the opportunities offered by the desktop software: it processes data efficiently and automatically via apps directly on the server. Results and documentation are then shared within the team via an authorisation concept – simply via the web browser, with no need to install analytics software. Drill-down to detailed data and state-of-the-art visualisations are deciding factors for convenience and usability.

Total flexibility

Maximum usability for every user. User requirements vary greatly – and rightly so. With ACL™ Analytics Exchange, users can decide how they want the data to be made available to them.

Big Data

Hello Intranet!

Data analytics – as easy as surfing the Internet. The ACL™ AX web client sets new standards in usability. "Reduce to the max" - The ACL™ AX web client offers users all the features of a self-service analytics platform – from performing analyses to viewing and visualising the results:

Data Analysis easy

Start apps

Users can access easy-to-start predefined analyses here. User-friendly parameter inputs are also possible.

Detailed data

You can view the data records in detail, including all attributes, in the web client. Simply hide or display fields at the click of a button.


Details are great – but snappy visualisations help identify patterns. Easily create attractive graphics including drill-downs in the web client. This makes interpreting the results much easier.

FIltering and formatting

Web browsers were not developed for data analytics – but ACL™ AX makes the work as comfortable as possible for you – for example through conditional formattings and simple filter options.

Import and analyse data – Check!

Best of both worlds. In addition to the special features, ACL™ Analytics Exchange naturally also offers all the familiar functionalities of the desktop software.

Data Analytics & Data Import

Import various data formats

In addition to the general ODBC interface, ACL™ Analytics also offers predefined connectors for many data sources. These range from all ODBC-enabled data sources, Microsoft Excel™ or Access™, PDF, CSV MongoDB and Oracle through to Salesforce, Hive, Amazon Redshift, DynamoDB, Spark, SQL Server, Teradata, Impala, Google BigQuery, Drill, Couchbase and Cassandra.

Extensive analytics functions

Filtering, condensing or matching data records, fuzzy duplicate searches, phonetic matches or Benford analyses – these are just a few examples of what ACL™ can offer you. Incorporating R or Python (e.g. for predictive analytics or the interface to Tableau) is of course also included.


While the ACL™ desktop solution is a great tool, we now prefer the server version in almost all application scenarios. Technical reasons include the improved performance and central, fail-safe and redundancy-free data storage, along with data protection and data security aspects. From an organisational perspective, you can avoid isolated solutions and situations where losing your only analytics expert brings all data analytics activities to a sudden halt (knowledge retention/knowledge management).

What else?

The next level in matter of data analysis. ACL™ Analytics Exchange offers you significant added value when it comes to data analytics. 

Data economy


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