The big picture: Alongside transaction-based queries, process visualisations have become an important part of data analytics. Our software helps you achieve your goal quickly.

Our process mining concept

Performing successful process analyses based on SAP® systems involves two key requirements: Firstly, you must be able to access the required data reliably and then secondly be able to process these quickly and correctly in the form of an event log. We offer you the best market solutions to meet both these challenges. Ultimately, it's up to you which process mining software you choose, but we will gladly support you in the process.

Good news: It doesn't have to be complicated

Process mining is an important aspect of data analytics. But with the right tools, it's neither complicated nor time-consuming/costly. This is how we can help you:

Data extraction

dab:Exporter extracts the required data from your SAP® system. These data are already pre-defined. Even extremely large data volumes are not a problem.

Event log generation

At the click of a button, the ACL™ software correctly combines the raw data into event logs. Currently, we offer this for P2P (Purchase-to-Pay) and O2C (Order-to-Cash). This is the basis for all subsequent steps.

Process analysis

You can use the event logs generated by us directly in your process mining solutions, such as PAFNow or Disco. The first offers the advantage that you can combine it directly with our dab:AnalyticSuite.

Which process mining tool would you like?

The process mining software market is growing rapidly. We can support you with our expertise: we have solved the issue of data acquisition and data processing for you. Based on our experience with various process mining providers, we can also offer you recommendations, which are listed here in alphabetical order.


ABBYY makes it possible to analyze and understand in detail all the business processes and information that drive an organization with its Digital Intelligence Platform. Recognized for its leadership in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Process Discovery & Mining, ABBYY's solutions help increase your company's efficiency, profitability and competitiveness. 


Minit is a robust enterprise-grade Process Mining software with a rich 360-degrees collection of dashboards and process performance indicators. Whether you are focused on reducing operational costs, shortening customer feedback time, taking advantage of new revenue streams, or optimizing old ones, Minit Process Mining reveals an otherwise invisible map towards process improvement. Minit can help deliver an effective business process improvement at your organization.


The best data analytics approach combines transaction-based data analytics (Robotics & dab:AnalyticSuite) with process mining visualisations. Process Analytics Factory’s solution allows us to realise this philosophy to optimum effect. That’s why we maintain close and trusting cooperation with PAF.


We are convinced that process mining is now an essential and hugely important part of data analytics. However, neither process mining nor transaction-based detailed analyses in themselves are considered the “silver bullet” where data analytics is concerned. The real skill lies in combining the best of both worlds and implementing the right solution for the individual requirement. Our integrative approach achieves this.

What else?


... but we were already working with process mining tools when they were still in their infancy and we know what to look out for.


We have the necessary experience and the right software to make data analytics with process mining a success. Please contact us for further information or a personal meeting. We will get back to you immediately.