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Digitization is also "mathematization". New algorithm-based methods open up new perspectives for data analysis. At the same time, such processes require a mix of different skills that many companies find difficult or impossible to reproduce. This is especially true for the mathematical foundations of algorithms.

dab:AnalyticIntelligence relies on "Managed Services". We undertake the implementation of the procedures and provide transparent and comprehensible results.

dab:AnalyticIntelligence Overview

"Rethinking Data": the results are new innovative technologies for extracting, analyzing and visualizing data. This way, new unprecedented structures are made visible. You can concentrate entirely on the interpretation of the analyzes. We take care of everything else.

listen to your data

What if your data could speak...

do they only give answers to predefined questions?

are they talking in a muddle?

what would you get to learn, if you could actually understand what your data is saying?


When analyzing data through derivatives, the focus is always on the benefits for the company. The great potential of this technique lies in the high flexibility of derivatives as well as in the highly automated process of analysis. The use of derivatives allows e.g. also the complete abandonment of explicitly defined data filters for the precise delimitation of "critical" cases. The algorithms automatically provide practicable classifications of the cases studied. Thus, simple sorting as well as graphical representations or special analyzes such as duplicate checks can be supported equally.


Example of an Analysis of Data Derivatives: Each point of the data cloud represents a single customer account. The x (horizontal axis) value indicates the amount of documents posted to the account. The Y value (vertical axis, green-red at the same time) indicates the criticality of the individual account. This value does not result from external specifications (calculations, data filters, etc.) but indicates the degree of deviation from a pattern that is satisfied in the majority of cases.

The underlying data derivative represents this pattern. Specified externally is only the type of derivative and the data fields involved in the definition of the pattern. The definition of the derivative thus includes all important semantic aspects, which in this case concern the composition of the receipts of a customer account.

The blue circle shows a small group of basic patterns of very different cases. The great mass of cases forms a coherent group that does not exceed a certain criticality.


Useful answers can only be found by asking the right questions for the right section of reality. That's exactly what derivatives stand for: they encode the specific view of a dataset.

That´s how it works

dab: AnalyticIntelligence is a completely different business intelligence solution. All three core elements of a data analysis: data access, analysis and content, as well as analysis results are redefined from scratch.

Innovative data handling

At the beginning is a completely different view on the topic "data". No more tables and fields are the subject of the analysis, but "derivatives". Derivatives contain in concentrated form the "information" contained in selected fields. This information is completely detached from the semantics of the original data and optimized for use by special algorithms.

Analysis and content

The dab: AnalyticIntelligence shows in a completely new way, what is in the data: This includes the global representation of complete data stocks as well as forms of Exception Reporting, which match with conventional data queries of extreme complexity. This is made possible by the use of highly specialized algorithms optimized for the processing of derivatives. A large number of predefined derivatives are available for analyzing data from your SAP® system.

Exceptional Perspectives

dab: AnalyticIntelligence offer new perspectives on your data. Results are available both as graphics and in tabular form. It goes without saying that the results can be made available as Microsoft Excel ™ files. This allows results to be further viewed, filtered and visualized in other systems. Crucial for the criticality of the further results are the key figures determined by dab: AnalyticIntelligence.


Compliance with data protection legislation is also a core issue for data analysis. The use of data derivatives sets new standards here. The use of a single derivative is limited from the outset to certain evaluation options. Data derivatives also no longer contain explicit field contents. These can no longer be decoded from the content of a derivative. There are basically no foreign key relationships between the contents of various derivatives.


We would like to show you in detail how dab: AnalyticIntelligence can break new ground in data analysis. For more information or a personal meeting please feel free to contact us. We will contact you shortly!