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dab:neXus: Content Studio opens the Black Box

We could say it's our early Christmas present to our customers. We could also simply say: Just in time before the end of the year, we have reached the next big milestone with dab:neXus and are pleased to present the dab:neXus Content Studio. Which new features await our customers, how the general structure of dab:neXus will change and what you can expect in the coming months - here are the most important information. 

Modular design for more transparency and flexibility

dab:neXus is our end-to-end platform for data extraction and analytics. Identifying the right SAP data, preparing the export and (automatically) running analytics - what companies previously had to combine different tools for, they can now manage in one central application. 

In order to be able to respond even better to the different requirements of companies with dab:neXus, the platform will consist of modules in the future. Currently: the dab:neXus Core as a basis, the Package Studio for creating your own packages in the sense of pure data extraction and the Content Studio. 

The concept of the Content Studio is new, but most of its functions were already integrated in dab:neXus: In the Analytic Group, the users are able to configure which of their analytics, and how, should be executed. However, we have now made some improvements here.

Individualize analytics with the Content Studio 

Functions that were previously hidden in settings tabs are now presented in a user-friendly way in a separate area. However, we have not only improved the usability of the analytics settings, but also offer users new functions. 

Previously, customers did not have the ability to extensively customize the execution of analytics themselves. They had to order such adjustments from us. We were able to implement the requests quickly and easily, but one major disadvantage remained: the customization was a black box for customers, and they had to contact us again for subsequent change requests. 

With Content Studio, customers become independent of us. They can configure our predefined analytics from the Content Suite on their own: Not only can the parameters for the analytics run be defined, users also get more flexibility in specifying the results output. For example, they can define their own filter sets, change column orders, and create Allow and Deny lists to exclude or include values.

Custom Analytics Add-On: Easily create your own analytics  

Some companies that are intensively engaged in the development of analytics internally or have already gained a lot of experience with our analytics content would also like to work with their own analytics on dab:neXus. For this purpose, we now offer the new add-on Custom Analytics.   

Users can build on existing analytics from the Content Suite or upload their own developed analytics and use the SQL Script Editor to make changes - allowing them to answer highly specific analytics questions. Custom Analytics can be additionally licensed as part of the Content Studio.

What changes for dab:neXus customers
If you are already using dab:neXus in conjunction with our analytics, you will automatically receive the Content Studio with its enhanced functionality in the next update.    


What are the next steps for dab:neXus?  

With the dab:neXus Content Studio, we are concluding our development for 2022. However, the next feature releases are already set for next year. 

In Q1 2023, we will bring more transparency to your analytics workflows. We will introduce Activity Logging, which will allow companies to track in detail which user has performed which activities on dab:neXus. A new Activity Cockpit will also provide a calendar overview of which analytics have been or will be executed and when. And for the months to come, we have many more ideas to make dab:neXus even better as an end-to-end solution for data extraction and data analytics. Do you have a feature request? Then always feel free to write to us at info@dab-gmbh.de

Do you want to know more? Let us introduce dab:neXus to you in a demo. Arrange an appointment with one of our consultants here.

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