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Webinar in Review: Audit Automation

We clear up prejudices. Some fear that as a result of automating process flows, jobs could become obsolete. The opposite is true: automation will lead to transformation in Audit & GRC, but to the benefit of your employees. 

This is especially true for internal audit teams that regularly have to deal with repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as extracting and reviewing relevant data. However, it makes more sense to standardize manual process steps and use the manpower thus gained by employees for more creative tasks that require specialized knowledge and experience. 

In view of the increasing demand for structured risk management for all business areas, automation makes a significant contribution. By eliminating human error and automating repetitive steps, you can remove barriers to scaling your risk management accordingly. It thus grants you higher process quality and efficiency. 

Our partner Galvanize can provide you with a platform that manages all audit and control processes in an automatable GRC environment. The benefits of this approach were recently demonstrated in a webinar. In it, you will learn how your audit team can successfully integrate automation into your daily operations. Examples include risk-based audit planning, continuous monitoring, and practical examples in the area of fraud detection. 

You can find the recording of the webinar here.

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