The year is still young - Hey ho, let's go

After the break due to the turn of the year, we would like to welcome you to the New Year in this post as well, and give you a little preview of what you can expect from us in 2021.

We used the time between the years to take a breath, and the January to prepare for a new and exciting year. 

What can you expect from us in 2021?


A bigger team

Our strength is our great team at dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH. Whether in consulting, software development, back office or marketing & sales - all colleagues at dab: GmbH are highly motivated and stand for our company vision "Making analytics fundamental" and our mission statement. For years, we have not only been consistent in terms of employees, but have also expanded steadily due to our organic growth. In 2020, we added several new team members again, and we will continue to grow for 2021. We owe this to the fact that our solutions are up-to-date and close to the market, and that you demand them accordingly - for which we are very grateful. The increased team size also has to do with the fact that our portfolio of solutions has become broader on the one hand, but we also offer a depth of content in other areas that cannot be found elsewhere on the market:


New products

We will continue to expand our portfolio of predefined analyses for SAP data. Currently, we are approaching the number of 300 predefined, standardized and automated tests (dab: AnalyticSuite) that we have for you in our portfolio.  
However, we also place great emphasis on the constant further development of individual aspects. For example, we have expanded our classic double payment analysis in that the payment proposal from the SAP systems is now also matched, and with the analysis double payments can be inhibited preventively and not only identified ex-post. Furthermore, we will extend the machine learning algorithm of the analysis, which enables a significant reduction of false positives, in order to further expand our position as the best cash recovery solution on the market.
In addition, with our new solution dab: AuthorizationAssurance we now offer a complete solution for analyzing SoD conflicts - not only detective, based on actual transactions, but preventive, based on the characteristics of SAP authorization objects. 

But also in the area of process mining we set a focus: New and more powerful predefined event logs guarantee that you can get a productive kick-start with the solutions of our partners  PAF, ABBYY or MINIT and don´t have to spend months dealing with topics like data access, extraction or event log generation. Analytical content has always been our great strength and this is independent of whether it is classic transaction-based analysis or content for process mining or process intelligence.


New Office 

Our new office is expected to be ready for occupancy in October. After 10 years - the longest period in our soon to be 17-year company history - we are setting the course for the next decade. The growth of the last years has led us to reach our limits. Without the relocation to the home office, which is currently appropriate anyway, it wouldn´t longer be possible for us to accommodate the entire team here. In the future, we will have approximately 1,200 square meters at our disposal, including the transport areas. Flexible working hours, home office and web meetings will continue to be an essential part of our company culture - but at the same time we are sure that a central point in the form of a modern office is essential for a functioning company that is perfectly attuned to each other. 


A personal meeting

With the new office, we would of course appreciate the opportunity to welcome our customers and business partners in person at the opening. Especially after the time without social and interpersonal contacts of the last months it would be a pleasure for us to meet, and not only virtually in the form of web meetings and video phone calls. Even though it is beyond our control we are hoping to celebrate this with you in Q4 in the form of an open house. We'll keep you up to date, and get back to you with a save-the-date as soon as it's predictable.


More information

In 2021, we intend to provide you with even more structured information about new products and the further development of existing solutions. We have been constantly working on our vision of "making data analysis a matter of course" and have been able to make it a reality for many well-known customers - but we haven´t reached our goal yet. Meanwhile, our portfolio includes far more than "just" hundreds of analyses for data from SAP systems: As an exclusive sales partner of Galvanize, we can integrate our analyses into a complete GRC environment (Highbond) which includes audit and ICS management, vendor / third party and IT risk management and offers completely new possibilities in the area of risk assessments, but also the tracking of results via remediation workflows. Our solutions in the area of process mining should be mentioned as well: With our valued partners like PAF, ABBYY or MINIT  we contribute significantly to the efficiency increase in the use of these solutions in the area of data extraction as well as content and event log creation (dab: ProcessIntelligence).

As you can see, we have a lot planned for 2021 - for you and together with you. We would be delighted if you would join us on this journey. In this sense, stay healthy and stay committed to us.

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