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Webinar: How to future proof your internal audit

Digitisation has been a burning issue in companies not only since Corona, but the sudden switch to decentralised locations such as the home office clearly shows the weak points of digitisation. Any omissions or lack of readiness now have a strong impact on the daily work routine in each company.

Internal auditing is also subject to these changes, not only in times of Corona but also beyond. When the entire world of work changes, the auditing bodies must also keep pace with the developments. However, digitisation projects do not only consist of purely technical changes, they also involve adjustments within the team and in the way the work is done.

That this is not always easy to manage is something we often learn in joint discussions. In order to provide you with a basis for the conversion of your internal audit department to a future-oriented one, we held a webinar together with Galvanize, in which we dealt among others with the following points:

  • How do I prepare the internal audit and risk management for technological progress?
  • How do I have to transform my team to face the changes?
  • Which methodologies and agile working methods will help me to further develop my internal audit department

For those who were unable to attend the webinar in person, we recorded the webinar. So you can watch it at any time. Should any questions arise, we look forward to hearing from you.


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