Video: Analysis-supported IKS in an integrated GRC platform

Data analysis and the internal control system are two topics that absolutely belong together. In this way, the effectiveness of controls can be assessed using data analytic techniques. Depending on the concrete questions, this can also be done automatically.

In order to give you an overview of the options available to support the internal control system holistically with data analysis, we recently held a webinar on the subject of Integrated GRC.

Einbettung automatisierter Kontrollen

It shows how ICS-related analyses can be embedded in an integrated solution. This begins with the creation of the necessary context, such as the organizational or process structure and the definition of the risk control matrix, in which the corresponding assignment to the context is then made.

We show three ICS examples from the field of accounts receivable accounting. Two of them are based on automated analyses.

The focus of the first two is on the topic "Insight to Action": How can KPI-based notifications and workflows be used to support the various interest groups? The information is made available to the management by means of a storyboard using interactive graphics and visualizations; the solution creates a simple and efficient processing and documentation option at operative level. The automated evaluation of controls based on the analysis results is also possible and will be presented in the webinar as well.

The third example shows how you can also create transparency about the processing status during manual control execution (e.g. execution and viewing of a certain SAP report).

The advantage of an integrated, web-based solution from Galvanize Highbond becomes particularly clear when the topic is examined from the point of view of different managers: Control Owner, Control Performer and ICS manager.

As a small highlight, it will also be shown at various points how easy it is to branch directly from the platform to the corresponding SAP transaction using our product dab:Link - this maximizes user acceptance and simplifies the execution of the control enormously.


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