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Process Mining with dab and Minit - Guaranteed success with the right approach!

Process Mining has been a topic in the data analysis world for several years now and represents an extension of existing data analysis solutions for many companies. While in classical data analysis one usually moves to the level of detail of individual transactions, Process Mining provides an overview of the actual processes in the company. This overview of the processes can help you to better understand the background of analysis results of classical data analysis. I would like to show you how we can support you with our experience in data extraction and data preparation. In addition, we can make recommendations from our work with various Process Mining providers to help you choose the right provider. In this article I will use the software Minit as a showcase.

With the dab:AnalyticSuite we already offer standardized analyses for your SAP data for many questions. Whether we are talking about generating classic analysis results or, in the context of process mining, about so-called event logs, the necessary steps to the result are identical in both cases. For this reason, dab:ProcessIntelligence has been adding process mining to its portfolio for more than two years now. In order to successfully operate process analyses based on data from SAP systems, there are three essential success factors: First, you must reliably access the necessary data and second, you must prepare it correctly in the form of an event log. We offer you the best solutions on the market for both challenges. The third success factor is the simple visualization of the process graph based on the event log. Which process mining software you ultimately use is your decision, but we will be happy to support you.


One such provider is Minit. Have you already heard about it?

Minit is a modern, easy-to-use process mining software with an extensive collection of dashboards and process performance indicators. Whether you're focused on reducing operational costs, shortening customer response time, leveraging new revenue sources, or optimizing old ones, Minit can help you effectively improve your business processes.

Cool, but whats with the eventlog?

In order to visualize a process graph you need an event log. You either get this predefined with dab:ProcessIntelligence or you create your own. The requirements for an event log must be considered during the creation. An event log must contain the following key fields:

  1. Case ID: The case is a continuous process run. The case ID is a unique characteristic (for example, combination of purchasing document number and item).
  2. Events (activities): Each event type needs a unique description, e.g. "order" or "release order".
  3. Timestamp: The timestamp represents when this event was logged in the system.

These fields are enough to display initial processes. Here it is important to note that only what is added to the event log is visualized. If certain activities or data are not known, they are missing in the event log. This means that an own event log can be created easily and quickly, but to display the numerous and complex activities in it can be a demanding and tedious task. With dab:ProcessIntelligence, we offer predefined event logs for the Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes with numerous activities for the end-to-end processes, such as information from the change tables, such as changes to transaction data or releases.

Process Mining provides an excellent overview of how your processes in your company. However, a comparison of process flows between certain suppliers or of lead times of certain material groups based exclusively on the three key fields is hardly possible. Therefore, the eventlog is extended by additional attributes like supplier, material or user. The more additional information is included in the event log, the better the possibilities for filtering and analysing are at working with the process graph. However, it is essential to concentrate on important fields and not artificially overstate the event log. Our eventlog already provides some attributes, which can be extended by us if required.

What can I do with the eventlog and Minit now?

Minit shows which new insights you gain from working with the tool and using its different functionalities. Two examples for that are coming next.

Obtaining an overview of the division of tasks in purchasing can be very tedious due to the large amount of information required. Different people are responsible for different stages within the process. The execution of tests according to the "4-eye-principle" is an important task. Instead of having to link several tables together and find the right combination for each task separation, Minit can simply filter by them. In our Eventlog there is the information which user performed which activity. With the "Conflict of Interests" filter in Minit, I can now check on any process sequence whether the same user executed it. How fast and easy this works is shown in the following:

By displaying the processes as a process graph, the steps performed within a company, division or team can be easily traced. It can be determined whether the executed process steps correspond to the target process. If you want to compare processes with each other to find out, for example, how ordering procedures work among the top suppliers or how work is carried out within individual divisions, you can use the "Process Compare" function in Minit to perform such a comparison. Process steps that occur within one of the two processes to be compared are displayed in blue or green. Process steps that are present in both processes are indicated in orange. The color coding helps to quickly identify the differences.

I want it all – I want it now!

Based on my examples you can see that with dab:ProcessIntelligence and Minit you can already achieve first meaningful results with little effort. The right choice of tools is crucial. Optimum tool support for data extraction and event log modelling allows results to be achieved quickly and easily. A modern process mining tool such as Minit is essential for working with process graphs and extends process insights with numerous functions.

I have aroused your interest and you would like to learn more about our solution in connection with the tools of our Process Mining Partners? My colleagues and I are available for questions at info@dab-gmbh.de and a non-binding web demo.

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