(No) choice? dab:Exporter vs. SAP Connector for ACL™ Robotics

A lot has been happening recently in the world of data extraction from SAP®. This blog post looks at current possibilities and what they mean for you.

Many of our customers are familiar with and appreciate our solution dab:Exporter, which enables you to extract data from SAP® and convert them into suitable data analytics formats.

You have by now probably already heard that Galvanize (formerly ACL) also offers a data extraction product in the form of SAP Connector.

So what do the individual products offer, and are there functional overlaps?

Essentially, both products share a common technical basis – i.e. the components, developed by us, that enable reliable and resource-saving access to SAP® data. In other words, we are Galvanize's technology partner for data extraction from SAP®.


SAP Connector

For ACL™ data analytics products such as ACL™ Robotics (or the solutions ACL AN, ACL AX, etc.) we, too, offer only SAP Connector. This is the only tool that generates the ACL™ analysis format enabling full integration in the ACL™ Robotics Robotic Process Automation solution. Full automation is finally no longer merely a vision – you no longer have to run different software solutions in parallel, and analysis scenarios can instead be implemented as a one-click solution.



Of course our own product, dab:Exporter, still exists and is also undergoing further development. This product focuses on IT and tax-related application scenarios. For example, data can be extracted from SAP® and filed directly in an SQL Server database, extracted as CSV or stored in GDPdU format. This allows data extracts to be used for process mining projects, business intelligence applications such as PowerBI in conjunction with SQL Server, or in the context of external audits by tax authorities.



We are honoured that we are able to contribute our established technology to the integrated GRC solution from Galvanize (ACL). For you as customer, this means even better, advanced integration of all aspects that underpin data analytics projects – from data extraction via pre-defined analytics content to differentiated results presentation and further processing of results. For existing customers, nothing will change for the time being – you can continue to use dab:Exporter as before. SAP Connector will offer new customers of Galvanize who want to use the ACL Robotics solution the right extraction tool for SAP data. If you are interested in other analytics technologies such as SQL Server, process mining or Microsoft PowerBI, the more technically based dab:Exporter will offer you the correct target formats. Integral to both products is our long-standing experience in this field, which we will continue to apply to both products in future.

We hope this has given you a useful insight. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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