Late but still - Zurich Digital Audit Event Summary

At the end of last year, on 31.10.2018, we attended the Digital Audit Event of the IIA Switzerland. Our colleague Johannes Schwele from ACL™ presented the new ACL Robots in connection with the new possibilities that ACL™ offers in the area of Machine Learning and Data Analytic Case Management.

In addition to Mr. Schwele from ACL™ with his lecture "Taking a step beyond: Continuous monitoring, predictive analytics and machine learning", some of our customers were also represented with presentations, which made us very happy. Among others, projects of Lafarge Holcim, JTI Japan Tobacco International and ABB were presented, both of which became customers of ACL™ and/or dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH. There were some highlights: In the lecture "Searching out the value" it was very impressive how JTI deals with analysis results and how the topic "added value" of data analysis is defined there. At Lafarge Holcim ("Evolution of Analytics at Holcim Internal Audit") it was remarkable to see the speed and professionalism with which a large data analysis project was planned and implemented - even when using the existing possibilities offered by software in the area of data analysis, extraction and visualization, this is not a matter of course. Another highlight was the presentation of ABB, where besides the state-of-the-art data analysis platform they also presented how to use RPA Robotic Process Automation in the field of data validation. 

What was particularly exciting for us was how versatile our solutions were used by these three customers. Of course, our data extraction software is often a decisive factor. In addition, our analysis content (the predefined analyses we offer) is often embedded in the ACL™ server solution as a kind of middle layer. BI solutions, which can vary depending on the customer, such as Tableau or Qlik, are often based on this data layer. But this has also shown us the importance of our solution: Without a solid basis of content - regardless of whether it is a layer of prepared data to which no analysis logic has yet been applied, or monitoring evaluations that deliver finished results - analysis projects on this scale often come to nothing or do not find the necessary acceptance. 

We are pleased to be able to contribute the central components of data access, analysis engine and analysis content for our customers in a variety of application scenarios. If you need more information about possible architectures and solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Linked to this blog post you will also find the presentation about the automation of analysis processes by means of ACL™ Robots, created together with Mr. Schwele, as well as the presentation of the new Machine Learning Algorithm K-MEANS available in ACL™, and its possibilities in connection with case management via ACL™ GRC Results.

Our conclusion about this event is a very positive one, and we would be very happy if in the year 2019 we will again have the opportunity to exchange information about current developments in the field of data analysis during the continuation of the event.

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