ACL akquiriert R-SAM

On February 04, ACL Services Ltd. officially announced the acquisition of Rsam. With this acquisition, ACL™ is consistently pursuing its growth path by consolidating its position in the GRC market.

The official statement by ACL can be found here: https://www.acl.com/news-releases/acl-accelerates-category-consolidation-strategy-acquisition-rsam/

What does this mean from our point of view for us and for you as a customer? We welcome the acquisition, because it will have a positive effect on three key points:

  1. More development capacities
  2. More content for the solutions ACL offers
  3. An even better market position


More development capacities

The acquisition of Rsam doubles ACL's development capacity (R&D resources). A lot has been invested here in the recent past anyway, which has had a very positive effect on product development. The acquisition will provide a further major boost here, so that you as a customer can expect new features, new products and shorter development and release cycles.


More Content

ACL™ already offers many predefined content packages, for example for GDPDR. With the areas in which Rsam has distinguished itself in the past (above all vendor & IT security risk management), the portfolio in areas which are also very important for us expands significantly. This means that you as a customer can cover even more content with the same software.


An even better market position

If you take a look at the Forrester Wave for Governance, Risk and Compliance Platforms ) it becomes clear that a consolidation of two Strong Performers / Leaders creates a new heavyweight in the market. This means even more security for you as a customer and the fact that you use tools from the best manufacturers in the GRC market.


Our conclusion

We are delighted that ACL is continuing its growth course so consistently following the investment by Norwest Venture Partners in 2017. It gives us the assurance that we have chosen the right partner for GRC solutions, whether it is data analysis, audit, ICS or risk management. Of course it will also mean work to bring the companies together both organisationally and technically. Since ACL™ has already managed to develop new product lines and to increase the number of employees successfully in the last few years, we see this without any worries. We are looking forward to the new possibilities and will keep you informed about all progresses.

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