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Author: Daniela Damoune

15 years dab: Our celebration - our guests - our history

On 06 and 07 June we invited our customers and business partners to our 15th company anniversary:

The dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH was founded in May 2004, the start of business operations was on 01 June 2004.

The then 5-member team of the THD university spin-off, consisting of three employees and two founding partners, already had the clear goal of establishing the topic of "data analysis" and itself as a competent provider in this area. This is also reflected in the company vision "Making data analysis fundamental" This was to be achieved on the one hand by providing customers with easy access to the data to be analysed and on the other hand by making content available in the form of standardized analyses. The innovation, besides the software itself, was to get the topic of data analysis out of the service corner and to capture it in the form of clearly defined products.

15 years have passed since then, and we have achieved many of our ambitious interim goals. Of course, it helped that we had positioned ourselves very early on in a topic that has now gained immense importance. Since then, our core competences and products have developed just as much as we have as a company. We were allowed to grow and learn with our customers and today we have the possibility to cover the whole range of topics from machine learning to automated event log generation for process mining solutions in addition to classic transaction-based analyses. In addition to the software, our strengths also include the know-how and constant deployment of our competent consultants on site.

We cover the topics data analysis, with a focus on the SAP® environment, data extraction, process mining, machine learning, implementation and training. But it is also important for us that the products of Galvanize (formerly ACL) offer us possibilities: With the Highbond platform, data analysis can be seamlessly embedded in the context of ICS, risk management and audit and expanded to a fully integrated GRC platform with KPI/KRI, storyboards and worfklows.


After we had been looking forward to the anniversary for weeks, we were finally able to welcome almost 100 guests from 5 countries in front of the magical Castle Egg on Thursday 6 June and invite them to culinary delicacies and exciting keynote lectures.

The light-hearted introductory lecture by the managing directors Stefan and Martin took the audience on a journey through time and through the origins and history of the 15 years of our dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH, with heights, but also challenges and lessons learned, as well as numerous anecdotes.

This self-image was completed by keynotes of selected guests of honour, customers and business partners, who illuminated the cooperation with us from different perspectives. In the subsequent honours of our sales partners, we thanked our network, which helps us to implement the vision of making data analysis fundamental internationally.

The first day was rounded off by the possibility of networking over a delicious dinner, and entertaining entertainment by the magician Christian Bierbrauer, who was magical in the truest sense of the word and astonished us more than once with his dexterity.

In order to provide our customers and partners with background information on the past, present and future of data analysis from our point of view, the second day was devoted to the whole in the form of thematically wide-ranging workshops.

The feedback we received was excellent, we enjoyed the event very much, and the weather was nice as well. The conversations we had and the support we felt confirmed our actions and we are looking forward to the tasks that lie ahead. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the many years of cooperation and support, the cohesion and the many unforgettable experiences and stories that we share with you all.

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