The Year 2019 - Highlights and Outlook

At the beginning of the year, we would like to give you a brief outlook on the year 2019.

But first of all, I hope you had some relaxing holidays and a good start into the New Year, for which we wish you health, happiness and success.

We have set ourselves a lot of goals for 2019, which could also be exciting for you.


Data Analysis & Integrated Risk Assurance

In addition to the expansion of our core business, data extraction from SAP® and out-of-the-box analyses for SAP® data in the software ACL™, we will increasingly focus on Integrated Risk Assurance. With ACL™ GRC we have a product in our portfolio that supports enterprise risk management, the governance of the internal control system, as well as classic audit management and the administration of analysis results using KPI/KRI, workflows and questionnaires (keyword Insight to Action). But even "pure" data analysis is not neglected: With the new solution ACL™ Robotics, your analytic processes can now be automated even better by simplifying the necessary steps..


Process Mining

In addition to our transaction-based analyses, it is important to get a complementary view of the business processes in form of target-oriented visualizations. We have the best experience so far with the tools from PAF, with which we work trustfully, but also with ProcessGold or the Process Mining Software from MINIT. No matter which provider you choose, we provide the necessary basis for data extraction and apps for event log processing at the push of a button. We already offer these for Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash, further processes will follow in the course of the year.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Of course, what is happening in the ML and AI areas is also exciting. The data analysis software ACL™ contains the K-MEANS algorithm since the current version. But the topics Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are basically not new - they have only recently gained a lot of attention and importance. We at dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH also have important solutions with which we can support you here. With the help of our software, we build the bridge from algorithm to daily application on practical topics. The methods alone offer no added value - it is the fact that they can be used in day-to-day business, i.e. within the framework of augmented analytics. With our product dab:AnalyticIntelligence we offer you the necessary basis.

Embedded Analytics in SAP® Fiori with SAP Analytics Cloud

We have followed the development of the possibilities resulting from the SAP® S4/HANA, SAP® Fiori and SAP® Analytics Cloud triple with excitement. Here, too, the greatest benefit can be derived from prefabricated content. Our concept of offering the analysis specialists and data scientists a high degree of freedom by providing parallel to our extensive analysis content, enhanced base tables, which are ideally suited for ML/AI supported ad-hoc analyses, benefits you here. If you are interested in establishing your analyses directly in the SAP® environment without going through data extraction and third-party software, please contact us - we offer powerful solutions and extensive content that can be used for this purpose.


Development of Data Lakes via Soft-Matching Processes (and much more)

Structured, known data in combination with a set of predefined questions? The topic is covered by us in the best way. But did you already know that we can also support you with the product dab:AnalyticIntelligence using the soft matching methods developed by us to set up data lakes and combine structured data with weakly structured data (e.g. social media entries etc.)? The technology also makes it possible to dispense with the use of personal data and thus facilitates application in the context of the Basic Data Protection Regulation / GDPR. By the way, the procedure developed by us can also be optimally used for fuzzy duplicate searches in master records or payments as well as for checking interfaces or for buzzword analyses. In all these areas we will provide you with exciting new methods and solutions throughout 2019.

These are just some of the topics that we are already working on for you and that we will have to offer in 2019. So it remains exciting, and we are also tackling the New Year with our vision of "making analytics fundamental". We look forward to working with you to achieve this.

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