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The choice of online training for ACL GRC part 2

As you could read in the previous blog post, ACL offers a selection of online training. The aim of this blog post is a brief presentation of the different courses and their learning objectives for ACL GRC so that you get a better idea of what the courses have to offer. The training courses deal with the different modules of ACL GRC, results, strategy, projects, and reports.

The number of online training courses on the subject of GRC is not yet as extensive as for ACL Analytics, but continues to grow. Still, the training courses offer a good start to GRC. All courses take place in one training section. Here, in addition to the training courses, you can test and try without having to involve your own corporate division, which might lead to confusion. The training offered is the following:

  1. Managing your Audit using ACL GRC
  2. Training Controls in Projects
  3. The ACL Way to ERM
  4. Remediating Issues & Reporting Results


Managing your Audit using ACL GRC

"Managing Your Audit Using ACL GRC" is recommended as a start to ACL GRC. The first course covers the three modules projects, results, and reports, and lasts about 1 day. Here you can collect 5.5 CPE points. To start the course, you create a first audit project in the projects module. In this project you subsequently enter measures for an inspection, and then carry them out. You also learn how to recognize irregularities in reports, and to instruct reworking.
Furthermore, this course teaches you how to analyze, edit, and further process data in the results module. You're shown step by step what the work procedure in results can look like. You also learn how to automate large parts of your procedure.
In the third part of the course the two modules are interconnected. The aim is to show how you can integrate your data analysis as audit results in projects so that your colleagues can follow how you arrived at certain inspection results.
The last part of the course consists of creating reports. On the one hand there are standard reports, which you can export by a few clicks straight from the projects module. And then you learn how to create specific reports in the reports module. 

In my opinion, every GRC beginner should take the "Managing Your Audit Using ACL GRC" training course. The course illustrates, precise and compact, the major functions and possibilities of ACL GRC so that you can then start your own projects.


Training Controls in Projects

The "Testing Controls in Projects" training course sets up on "Managing Your Audit Using ACL GRC". This is where you learn more about the projects module in GRC. You are acquainted with bulk upload, which simplifies creating your risk control matrix. You're also shown how to gauge the effects of your controls on risk management. The course is relatively short, only about 4 hours, so it's good as an exercise in between.


The ACL Way to ERM

If you're interested in the basics of the strategy module, "The ACL Way to ERM" training course is a good start. It lasts about 90 minutes, and you're awarded 2 CPE points. It starts with a short overview of how ACL sees the subject of ERM so you can better understand how the strategy module is structured, and how it works. You then learn how identify risks, assess, prioritize and monitor them.


Remediating Issues and Reporting Results

The last online training course for ACL GRC "Remediating Issues and Reporting Results" is of primary interest for those who load their results from ACL Analytics, and also Excel lists, into the results module, where they want to further process them. This course lasts about 4 hours, and you can gain 3 CPE points. The course starts with the setting up of containers, analyses, and data analyses in results. These are then filled with data.
Following that, the program shows you possible ways of visualizing the data, and also how to edit the data for non-ACL users. You also learn how to automate your workflow so that you receive a warning if you exceed certain reference figures, or how to use questionnaires to validate results by third parties, answer misunderstandings, or have them dealt with.


ACP Zertifizierung und CPE Punkte

These online training courses may serve as a basis to certify ACL ACP, but it's still not advisable to undertake certification immediately afterwards. First train what you've learnt. Certification courses cannot be repeated, and they cost money. Which is why you should be prepared as well as possible. I wish you every success in certification.

For those who want to collect the CPE points, note that you must pass the course examinations. You can find these in the list of courses with "EXAM-" as a prefix followed by the course name. You can only start these tests once, and need 70% in each case to pass. I wish you too every success.

The online training presented here gives you a good rough overview of ACL GRC. If you have questions about ACL training, or are interested in personal training by one of our experienced trainers on the topics ACL or SAP, just get in touch with us. We would be glad to assist. For further information on the training offered by dab: GmbH visit https://www.dab-europe.com/de-DE/trainings-events/

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