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The choice of online training for ACL Analytics Part 1

The aim of this blog post is a brief presentation of the different courses and their learning objectives for ACL Analytics so that you get a better idea of what the courses have to offer. The degree of difficulty of the training courses is widely scaled, so both ACL beginners and more experienced users can learn something new. The training offered is the following:

  1. ACL Analytics Basics
  2. ACL Analytics Foundations
  3. ACL Introduction to Scripting
  4. ACL Analytics Applications
  5. ACL Analytics Learning Series
  6. ACL Analytics Scripting


ACL Analytics Basics

If you have little or no previous experience, you should start your training with "ACL Analytics Basics". This is a very short starter course, and should take you about 2 hours, for which you can win 1.5 CPE points. It teaches you basics, and best-practice examples for your projects in ACL Analytics.


ACL Analytics Foundations

"ACL Analytics Foundations" is also suitable for beginners. The course is very comprehensive, and lasts about 2 working days of 7-8 hours each. But once you complete the final test you're awarded 15 CPE points. All the essential basics of ACL Analytics are explained coherently, and relatively complete. That is why I recommend this course to every starter in ACL Analytics.

You begin the course by learning about the first possibilities of filtering your data, creating your own views, and working first small analyses with simple ACL functions. You also learn from many examples how to import your own data to ACL and process them there. After importing the data you prepare them so that you can then conduct valid analysis.


ACL Analytics Introduction to Scripting

Following the basics it's a good idea to look into "ACL Analytics Introduction to Scripting". Here you can learn how to simplify and automate your analyses by means of scripts. For this purpose you don't even need to be a "born" programmer. The training teaches you tools and tricks for creating script without having to write your own lines of code.

In these three courses you're able to learn the basics of ACL online in about 3 days. It makes a good foundation for continuing to work with ACL.

Once you've learnt the first basics of ACL Analytics, and now want to delve more deeply into the subject, I recommend the advanced courses. This is where you learn by examples the further functions of the analytics software.


ACL Analytics Applications

The most extensive advanced course is "ACL Analytics Applications", taking you about 2-3 days. Here you learn many areas of application for analytics. The course offers examples for sales commission, accounts payable, procurement cards, and travel and entertainment costs. Example data show you the steps in analytics. Although the course is very extensive, it offers the possibility of working through continuing everyday examples. Plus, you can win 10 CPE points if you successfully pass the final test.


ACL Analytics Learning Series

In addition to this very extensive course, the ACL Academy also offers the possibility of going through practical examples in less wide-ranging courses. Here there are the learning series "Basics of Datetime Fields" and "Payroll". These deal with the named subjects, and last between 2 and 5 hours. A further practical course is "Purchase to Payment". This illustrates the P2P process, but is still relatively extensive, lasting 1-2 days.

The practical examples strike me as being very positive in the advanced courses. It may not always be possible to implement them directly, because the approach, in particular in German companies, differs from the Canadian. But you become more aware of the possibilities of applying ACL Analytics.


ACL Analytics Scripting

Once you've worked with ACL Analytics for a while, it's a good idea to take the "ACL Analytics Scripting" course. Here you can create more complex scripts. Plus, you find out how to operate the ACL ScriptHub to create script, and thus save time. This advanced course may not offer any CPE points, but it still trains working with and creating scripts, for which reason I recommend this course to all who have worked with ACL for a certain time.


ACDA certification und CPE points

These online training courses may serve as a basis to certify ACL at ACDA levels, but it's still not advisable to undertake certification immediately afterwards. First train what you've learnt. Certification courses cannot be repeated, and they cost money. Which is why you should be prepared as well as possible. I wish you every success in certification.

For those who only want to collect the CPE points, note that you must pass the course examinations. You can find these in the list of courses with "EXAM-" as a prefix followed by the course name. You can only start these tests once, and need 70% in each case to pass. I wish you too every success.

The online training presented here gives you a good rough overview of ACL Analytics. If you have questions about ACL training, or are interested in personal training by one of our experienced trainers on the topics ACL or SAP, just get in touch with us. We would be glad to assist. For further information on training offered by dab: GmbH visit https://www.dab-europe.com/de-DE/trainings-events/Events

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