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Forum deutscher Mittelstand - Review

On 12 and 13 September, dab: Mittelstand GmbH was an exhibitor at the Forum Deutscher Mittelstand 2018 in Stuttgart. This year's forum was under the motto "the future of small and medium-sized businesses is digital", a statement we also agree.

Digitization is increasingly finding its way into many companies; the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are just a few examples. However, our observations of small and medium-sized enterprises show that while many new technologies are adapted and adopted, the implementation of digitization in the area where companies have been working digitally for years is often secondary.

This is especially evident in the area of ​​data analysis. Every company of a certain size uses enterprise resource planning systems that manage data digitally. Knowing and using this data is extremely important in order to really understand your own company and to identify problems in the individual processes. Although the new possibilities of Industry 4.0 and other digital developments create new possibilities, you can only exploit them if you also know and understand your other processes and data.

At the forum we had the opportunity to exchange views on this topic with representatives of various companies and to advance the topics of data analysis and auditing in the SME sector.

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