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ERP Podcast about data analysis

We are pleased that an interview with us on ERP-Podcast.de, the largest German-language podcast for enterprise software, has been published.
Check out the podcast!

In the two-part article, we talk about the necessity and benefits of data analysis in the context of ERP systems, internal auditing, audit of the annual financial statements and internal control systems.

Of course, a lot is about SAP®, but the topics are basically true for other systems as well.

We thank Prof. Axel Winkelmann of the University of Würzburg and his team for the great cooperation!

Incidentally, the podcast is thematically very varied, so you will certainly find it there with regard to other topics as well:

On the page http://www.erp-podcast.de you can register for news, and get a thematic and chronological listing of all contributions

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