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ACL™ Mobilize 2018 – Summary

Every year, we have the opportunity, as exclusive distribution partner of ACL™ in the German-speaking D-A-CH region, to attend the company’s event known as “Mobilize”. This blog takes a look at the most exciting topics covered at the event, giving you a taster of what lies ahead in the coming months.

Generally organised at the start of ACL™'s business year, Mobilize looks ahead at the roadmap for the coming 12 months and provides an update on medium and long-term planning. We attended the event again this year, with our Managing Director Martin Riedl participating at numerous meetings and events in Vancouver to gain an overview of current developments.

Without wishing to give away too much internal information, it’s clear how much passion and endeavour goes into product development and design at ACL™, and how energetically the teams work on functional, future-proof and user-friendly solutions. Of course, this has not least been made possible by last year’s strategic 50-million dollar investment by Norwest, which gave the established software manufacturer a further massive boost.

In particular, we are expecting exciting developments for our customers in the following areas:

Data analytics

As regards data analytics, ACL™ is focussing on the cloud without, however, neglecting on-premises server solutions. These are being given a modern, lean and user-friendly web front end, meaning that the fat-client strategy of the past should soon be a thing of the future. In the medium-term, web technology is also making it possible to integrate approaches, so customers can feel comfortable whatever their preferred technology.

Data extraction from SAP®

The latest releases of the data analytics solutions ACL™ AN and ACL™ AX introduced a number of connectors to important data sources such as Salesforce, Active Directory, Email, Exchange Server, Oracle, Spark and Twitter. A new SAP® connector is also planned for the autumn release. Of course, our customers know and appreciate us for our dab:Exporter interface, which enables data to be extracted from SAP®. We will let you know here in a few weeks why we are nevertheless excited that ACL™ is establishing a new connector to SAP® and who is supporting ACL™ in this.

Extended audit management and audit planning

Alongside data analytics, a few years ago ACL™ launched a completely independent product line for data-based risk and audit management in the form of ACL™ GRC. This area of business is experiencing tremendous growth, as confirmed by demand in our sales region. One frequently requested feature is extended audit planning, or the ability to generate a risk-based multi-year plan. If this is a feature you’ve been waiting for, you’ll be pleased to hear that its release is imminent.

Linking of internal control system, enterprise risk management, data analytics and audit management

ACL™ GRC’s great strength lies in its linking of the above areas – a feature which is being constantly enhanced. For example, the internal control system has been given operational support, while external and internal audits can also be incorporated from a bird’s-eye perspective, so to speak. The risk and audit universe can also be developed on an integrated basis, combining risk management from a business perspective, operational risk management and the results of audits on one consolidated information level.


These are clearly exciting times which are set to continue. If you would like to find out information at first hand, check out our blog post on ACL Services Ltd.’s annual customer event, ACL™ Connections in Philadelphia. Please contact us at any time if you have questions about this blog post, ACL™' solutions, or our analytics for SAP®.

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