Daniela Damoune
Author: Daniela Damoune

ACL Webinar zur interaktiven Datenanalyse

For years, there has been a growing demand for easy-to-create but meaningful reporting that ideally supports visualization by allowing the consumer to get into and out of the field as quickly as possible.
Anke Giegandt and Johannes Schwele will talk about the ACL-based solution of BSH in this 60 -minute online meeting.

Topics are: 

  • Visualized audit preparation The auditors are able to concentrate on the most important topics
  • Storyboard Technology - Graphical overview with state-of-the-art visualizations and easy access for auditors and management
  • Automated workflow for better cross-departmental collaboration through web-based questionnaires


Further information and registration can be found under: https://info.acl.com/BSH-Webinar.html

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