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dab: Daten – Analysen & Beratung GmbH integrates process mining functionality in its ACL™ portfolio

Deggendorf / Darmstadt, November 13, 2017 In dab: ProcessIntelligence dab: GmbH and PAF (Process Analytics Factory) are now marketing a process mining component integrated in the dab:Analytic Suite. What makes this solution so congenial is the integration of data extraction from SAP®, automated event log generation through ACL™ data analytics software, and browser-based visualization of processes in the context of ACL™ AX web client results. Keynote business of dab is innovative software solutions for standardized analysis of structured data, especially — but not exclusively — from SAP®. PAF produces software aimed for embedded process mining, and delivers analytic functions and visualization components easily and effortlessly integrated in existing methods and applications.

dab and PAF, in strategic cooperation, are merging their complementary technologies and long-standing expertise in SAP® data analytics so that:

  • clients are able to use process mining in the context of SAP extractors already in place, reports, views and dashboards in their dab and ACL™ environment,
  • process mining is optimally integrated in tried and tested data analytics, and the inspection process of internal auditing,
  • auditing in a corporation can spin off valuable impulses to optimize the functionality, practicability, and economic efficiency of business processes.


dab: ProcessIntelligence: Identifying unknown and underestimated risks in business processes

In APRIL dab: Daten – Analysen & Beratung GmbH is adding powerful process mining functions to its ACL™-based dab:AnalyticSuite, a comprehensive catalog for standardized analysis of SAP® data. ACL™ users, also implementing dab solutions, can thus benefit from process mining filter functions to analyze business processes for inspection extremely fast, and at the push of a button. The process mining addition enables internal auditing to effectively check operational and commercial business processes for regularity, functionality, and efficiency of the internal control system.

The process mining solution is immediately obtainable. More product information will be presented during the DIIR Congress 2017 on November 15/16 at the ACL/DAB booth.



dab:Exporter: Aimed to extract big data from SAP®

Cooperation will also enhance extraction of data from SAP®, reducing the effort and expense of producing data for process mining. PAF has long used dab:Exporter to extract data from SAP®, beginning with SAP® 4.6 through to current S/4HANA installations.

"Clients can use our dab solutions combined with ACL™ for conventional data analytics and process mining, and thus in their preferred application. Solutions from dab and PAF are an excellent match, generating optimal return on cost for our clients", says Martin Riedl, managing director of dab: Daten – Analysen & Beratung GmbH.


"Integration of process mining software in the dab ACL™-based analytics platform makes it easier by orders of magnitude for inspectors and data analysts in internal auditing to conduct process inspection efficiently than compared to stand-alone process mining tools", reckons Tobias Rother, PAF managing director. "We're naturally very pleased that dab, following thorough process mining product evaluation and a test phase, opted to integrate APRIL. Cooperation with dab, an enterprise that's very experienced in SAP® data analytics and process mining, assists us in creating optimal process mining solutions for clients, and to successfully leverage PAFnow process mining with an international footprint."


About dab: Daten – Analysen & Beratung GmbH


Founded in 2004, its vision is to make data analytics a natural and integral part of corporate processes. Based in Bavaria/Germany, the company is a leading provider of data analytics software and services. Keynote business is the analysis of structured data, especially — but not exclusively — from SAP®. Its innovative software solutions enable customers to simply access big data, and to convert these automated, speedily, and reliably into in-depth knowledge. In dab:Exporter dab:GmbH markets a program for data export from SAP® for analytics, as well as an extensive suite of automated analysis/inspection routines for ACL™ software that continues to be developed since 2004.

dab: GmbH operates internationally. In the past 13 years clients and projects in different segments have been supported in more than 20 countries.



About Process Analytics Factory PAF


PAF produces software for artificial process intelligence, supporting organizations in the use of big data and digital transformation. The centerfold of development by PAF is APRIL, an analytics framework of the next generation, supporting users in intelligent evaluation of process data from operative systems. APRIL comes with analytic functionality and visualization components, easily and effortlessly integrated in existing methods and applications.

Recently introduced by PAF is PAFnow, an APRIL-based process mining solution in Microsoft Power BI, the leading BI tool worldwide, and Microsoft Office 365. PAF is thus the first enterprise to make process mining accessible very simply over the digital workplace of the future.


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