Anton Grening
Author: Anton Grening

Bit­coin as Re­port­ing Cur­ren­cy

Bitcoin as Reporting Currency Users of our dab:AnalyticSuite (formerly known as dab:FastForwards) know and appreciate the functionality of the "ReportingCurrency" or the conversion of all relevant currency amounts into a group currency. We use SAP® internal exchange rates and we even allow you to choose between the exchange rate on a specific key date and the exchange rate that was recorded at the time of the document. This results in much greater flexibility when working with the analysis results, especially if you often work with e.g. cross-company-code comparisons with foreign currency transactions.

Now we are finally expanding this offer to a topic which is becoming more and more important in recent years. The trend of cryptocurrency also does not leave us unaffected.

From this day it will be possible to convert all your currency amounts in the analytic results into Bitcoin (฿)!

Contact us for more information and be one of the first users of the release version “1st of April”

And we would be pleased to answer all your questions about products and services at: info@dab-gmbh.de

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