Award for excellence!

On Wednesday, October 11 dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH was awarded the 1st prize of the Best Business Award for sustainable corporate management (category: businesses up to 30 personnel). We appreciate this very much, and thank the jury and organizers for the award, as well as the successful event staged in a special location.

The prestigious prize, specially sponsored by Ilse Aigner, Bavaria's minister for the economy and media, energy and technology, Doris Hummer, president of the Upper Austrian economic chamber, and Ivana Stráská, governor of the region South Bohemia, was awarded for the 18th time.


For a number of reasons we are especially proud to receive this award.

1. Method of assessment

Unlike many other awards of this kind, not only the submitted documents are assessed, in a personal audit lasting about three hours you are required to answer questions from the jury that verifies the submitted material.

The following categories are assessed by the jury according to a points system (extract from the page http://www.bestbusinessaward.com/)

  1. Business success
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Employee significance
  4. Innovative power
  5. Communication
  6. Sustainability
  7. Social responsibility 

So you do not only come up against competitors for the award, you are also faced with critical questions from experienced members of the jury. That produces a benchmark with similarly structured companies, and detailed feedback shows where there might be potential for further improvement. We found this form of assessment especially good.

2. Distinction for sustainability

We are pleased to have been rewarded for sustainability. This shows that the content anchored in our values and our demonstration as an employer who perceives their responsibility for its own people and the region are comprehensible to others. Sustainability is more than an end in itself and a fashionable concept, sustainability is the basis of our thought and action, and the prize is reward for this.

3. The cross-nationality of the competition

Situated in the heart of Europe, and operating internationally, it is also of great importance for us that the Best Business Award extends across Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, in particular the Danube-Moldau region. For a medium-sized but highly specialized business like dab: Daten - Analysen & Beratung GmbH with sales partners and clients worldwide, internationality has become a matter of course. The uniqueness with which the Best Business Award unites this internationality with the local color of the Danube-Moldau region is a special appeal for us.

Finally we should focus on our most important element — our team. Although it is a prize for sustainable corporate management, this does not alter the fact that the prize is due to all our people who have committed themselves to our vision of making data analytics something obvious and implicit, and not only see this as a job but work companionably in a team, facing and mastering every challenge, but never losing sight of their personal relations. Thank you for this.

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