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Author: Anton Grening

Train­ing sched­ule 2016 – ACL™/ ACL™ for SAP® da­ta

The year just started and the planning process for 2016 is in full swing. As regards to our training offering, dates and locations for 2016 already have been set.

1. ACL™ Fun­da­men­tals and Ad­vanced train­ings:

These trainings are designed for users who want to analyze data with ACL™ solutions regularly and want to build up knowledge systematically and as practice-focused as possible, or want to brush up and increase their data analytic skills with ACL™. This allows you to realize the full potential of your data analytic solution in day-to-day business.


  • ACL Fundamentals 01. - 02. March Hamburg 2 days
  • ACL Fundamentals 20. - 21. September Salzburg 2 days
  • ACL Advanced 12. – 13. April Berlin 2 days
  • ACL Advanced Scripting 14. April Berlin 1 day
  • ACL Advanced 08. – 09. November Düsseldorf 2 days
  • ACL Advanced Scripting 10. November Düsseldorf 1 day

2. In­tro­duc­tory an­a­lyt­ics-train­ing on ACL™ for SAP® da­ta:

This training has been developed for analysts or auditors who want to analyze mainly SAP® data. Our powerful training concept combines ACL™ analytic tool aspects with SAP® Know How (SAP® tables, fields, important transaction codes, accounting and business process details). In context of ACL™ for SAP® we offer a fundamentals training and an advanced training.

ACL™ for SAP® data

  • SAP/ACL Fundamentals 10. – 13. May Deggendorf 4 days
  • SAP/ACL Fundamentals 27. – 30. September Duesseldorf 4 days
  • SAP/ACL Fundamentals (Engl.) 11. – 14. October Deggendorf 4 days
  • SAP/ACL Advanced 15. – 17. November Frankfurt 3 days

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