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Author: Anton Grening

Suc­cess story: 10 years of suc­cess­ful da­ta an­a­lyt­ics in BSH au­dit­ing

This year Audit Challenge 2016 (http://audit-challenge.com/) took place from June 20 through 24 in Frankfurt. As part of the event we had the opportunity of delivering a practically oriented paper titled "10 years of successful data analytics" together with Anke Giegandt of BSH Hausgeraete (formerly BSH Bosch Siemens Hausgeraete).

If you are planning to set up data analytics in your enterprise or department, you are very likely to benefit from the experience spoken of here; feedback from participants was very positive.

Explanation could be heard of motivation, success factors and the learning curve in and around data analytics in the course of a whole decade. The speeded viewpoint shows that establishing data analytics in an enterprise is not just a matter of acquiring the right software. The idea of "purchase an analytics tool and everyone uses it" does not usually get you very far, or far enough.

Without doubt you need different software components acting together. This is illustrated by the accompanying presentation of the system landscape, showing SAP® systems and data access to them, the use of ACL™ AX Server analytics software, and of ready defined standard analyses for SAP® data.

But besides these more technical aspects, successful and sustainable data analytics in an enterprise are founded on the right vision and a concrete concept of how to embed them in everday routine to produce genuine value added.

To implement such a vision or concept, of course you first need the support of management, because the necessary resources (licensing costs, hardware, training, consulting) have to be put in place, possibly for a longish period. Special attention also attaches to a strategy for implementation that will harmonize the different kinds of users (technophile data analysts vs. content-oriented users of the results); the use of modern possibilities of visualization very much supports buying-in by all involved.

Attached you will find the presentation created by BSH and dab:GmbH.


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