Re­view: DIIR An­nu­al con­fe­rence 2014

We enjoyed attending the DIIR annual meeting again this year. The conference („Interne Revision – The third line of defense“) took place in Magdeburg from 29th of September until October the 1st, starting with the banking forum on Monday, followed by the annual Internal Audit conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.


In cooperation with our partner Andreas Müller from dab:Software, we focused on the topic of “GRC – Governance, Risk & Compliance”, as ACL™ offers with ACL GRC™ a fresh and fully integrated Audit & Risk Management solution.

f.l. Martin Riedl, Angelika Müller, Stefan Wenig

The conference program as well as the themes of other exhibitors emphasized that GRC is highly topical and important for Internal Audit. A good overall picture was provided by the presentation „GRC(-Software): Nutzen für die Interne Revision“ (translated: GRC(-Software): Benefits to Internal Audit)) given by Mrs. Annette Held and Mr. Peter Rumpf, (Business and IT Audit, Robert Bosch GmbH).

The following discussions with several participants at our booth underlined, that Internal Audit seems to be still in an identification / finding phase, when it comes to the question about what the concrete course of action for integrating GRC in their organization might be. Same goes for the providers of such software, who will have to deal with (and answer) some open questions regarding different implementation scenarios and best practice aspects.

Apart from GRC, already established topics like data protection, data extraction (dab:Exporter) from SAP® or standard analytic solutions are as up to date as they have been the year before and well under way, as moving towards a data-analytic driven audit approach by accessing and analyzing big data is a long way to go, but the only direction that makes sense in these digital times.

Should you have missed us in Magdeburg, feel free to contact us here anytime – we will be happy to answer your questions or provide you the information you need.

For any comments on this article, feel free to write us at info@dab-gmbh.de.

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