New func­tio­na­li­ty in dab:Ex­porter Ver­sion 3 – Pa­ral­lel down­loads

Extracting data from SAP® has its challenges – especially if Big Data is involved. Of course it is possible to download huge amounts of data anytime, without impacting the performance of the SAP® system. However this means as well that downloading huge tables like the General Ledger lines in BSEG or the change tables CDHDR and CDPOS – which often contain hundreds of millions of records – will take some time.

But what happens, if additional data is needed „in between“, while another downloading process is ongoing? In dab:Exporter 3 we solved that problem for you by enabling “Parallel downloads”. And to ensure that the impact on the SAP® system can be controlled anytime, we invented the “Slot technology”.

What this means, how this works in detail, and how you benefit from it will be explained in the following video.

It contains a spoken comment as well as subtitles, so feel free to use the menu of the video player to turn on what suits you best.

Video: Parallel downloads

In case you missed the dab:Exporter Version 3 Feature Highlights which we already introduced them here some days ago: Feature Highlights dab:Exporter Version 3.

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