IBS Schrei­ber da­ta an­a­ly­sis con­fe­rence

In this Blogpost I will share my experience of my visit to the IBS Schreiber data analysis conference on June 26 to 27.

IBS Schreiber GmbH has held its annual conference for data analysis in auditing for the fifth time. The event took place in Hamburg. The eight lectures were joined by about 40 people.

The two-day event was opened by Dr. Kamm, chief audit executive Zeppelin AG. The presentation highlighted how to approach the vendor scan, while he showed a lot of possible aspects in Auditing. As Dr. Kamm’s statement currently 60 different queries are integrated in the vendor scan, where it doesn’t make sense to make all queries for each company and therefore not all queries are used. With regards to content the vendor master data (CpD, banking information, country code etc.) and vendor transaction data (sales, payments etc.) were highlighted. By scoring a list of critical vendors is generated by all queries. In addition to the vendor scan the double payment check, on the existing data, is very often used as Add-On.

The first day was completed with presentations on open source data analysis tools, the SAP® Fraud Management solution and on the audit of the IKS using data analysis.

On the second day, Mr. Ernst-Rudolf Töller (BDO AG) began to focus the attention from the hypothetical data analysis to the exploraty data analysis. The key message here was that the complexity of an ERP system does not need to be resolved convulsively, but some surprising results can be achieved by grasping small areas. The aspect of “Data mining” will probably continue to play a great role for managing of big data.

The series of lectures for data analysis in auditing were completed by the presentations on the benefits of mass data analysis and on penetration of the SAP® table-based analysis.

In total I could win insightful information and take a few new motivations.

Florian Popan


P.S. For any comments or questions, feel free to write us at info@dab-gmbh.de

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