Cre­at­ing struc­tures in your ACL™ log

When doing complex data analytic projects, you might know the feeling: You have been working hard on a certain task, and finally created this shiny result table, containing everything you have been asked for.

But how the heck did you get there?

Of course, there is the ACL™ log file, which is an excellent way of tracking your results. However, sometimes it can get a bit messy. ACL™ AN creates a new logfile time stamp, whenever you open ACL™ AN. So if you continue working all day (or even over several days without closing the tool) you will create a huge list of actions in your log file. Looking up things some days later can be difficult.

The ACL™ Logfile sometimes looks a bit messy

There is a simple way how you can structure your work. You can add your own node in the logfile by going the menu bar and selecting “Tools → Add new session”.

Menu – Tools – Add New Session

You can enter a short expression there (e.g. +++ Vendor Masterdata +++). By pressing enter you create a new entry (new node) in the log file structure. All subsequent transactions will be grouped right under it.

Enter the description for a new timestamp node

In the following example screenshot I created three entries. The idea is to add such a new session in the logfile whenever you work on a new topic. This will allow you later on to pinpoint / look up things a lot easier than before.

Adding new sessions by topic makes it easy to structure your logfile

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