ACL™ An­a­ly­tics – Re­size all col­umns

Let’s start with some „Good News“ into the New Year 2014 with having a look at a fresh, useful feature available in ACL™ Analytics >= 9.3.

In the past it was quite cumbersome to adjust the column width of the currently displayed table. The default column size when opening a table for the first time often is too wide, which makes it hard to get an instant overview by looking at the data. Resizing the columns was not very user-friendly, as it had to be done column by column, or as a workaround by highlighting the complete table (scroll left, markup, scroll right, press Shift, markup again) and looking for the hard-to-spot column separator to double-click it.

ACL™ Analytics Version 10 now makes this more user-friendly. Any open table can be adjusted easily (the screenshot below shows table T001 which contains the SAP© company codes).

Via the context menu, which is accessible by clicking with the right mouse button, ACL™ Analytics offers the option to „Resize all Columns“.

Compared to the screenshot above there is a lot more information visible when looking at the very same table. The feature is only one small improvement compared to others, but increases usability of ACL™ Analytics a lot.

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